I love Mark’s Daily Apple! Mark Sisson is one of the original ancestral living experts in the “granola/back to basics” food and lifestyle movement. Mark’s keeps it simple and keeps it real.

Mark has written several books (see Amazon.com), but for a get started easy overview and guide I suggest….The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation.

To my point of this post….

Top 50 Essential Paleo Pantry Foods

I love this article, because the quality of the food we put in our bodies is so very important. People are creatures of habit; people find it difficult to change what they eat and how they live because we do what is habit and easy for us to do. We are very busy and a pantry overhaul seems mentally and emotionally taxing. HOWEVER! Just like any change we want to make, it may seem difficult at first but over a fairly short period of time (in the grand scheme of things) buying different brands foods from different sources becomes habit.

The best part of improving the quality of the food in your pantry is that you will eat those foods and improve your health. Secondly, the resources available to you now to have these foods delivered to your home and at a discount have increased. I recently signed up for Thrive Market. They offer big discounts and deliver to your door. The best part about Thrive Market is that for every membership sold, which is $59.95 per year (less than CostCo and Sam’s Club) they sponsor a low-income family to have a membership too. The implications the sponsorship program has for the health of these families are tremendous. Barefoot Provisions is another site with healthy food options to be delivered to your door, however the prices are not as incising as Thrive Market.

Diane Sanfilippo has worked hard to create healthy shopping lists for most popular grocery stores. Note: I have often asked my grocery store to carry certain items for me. HEB is awesome for that, as is Kroger Signature stores. Both now have “health food” sections in their stores that are growing in variety of options.

Also, check out my sources under the Nutrition Category of my blog.

Check out the Mark’s Daily Apple article linked above! I hope it inspires you to build a healthy pantry.