I have been struggling with my eye lashes falling out (instead of my outer ¼ of my eye brows) due to issues with my thyroid and adrenal dysfunction due to chronic stress.

Trust me when I say, very little makes you feel more unattractive and less womanly like having bald spots in your eyelashes (well except bald spots on your head, which I’ve had/have too).

I have been using Wellness Mama’s “Natural Hair Growth Oil for Men” on my eye browns and eyelashes for a while now and it works beautifully! You do have to use it most every day for it to work well and if I go a long time without using it my eye lashes start falling out again, but my eye brows stay and look great.

She also has one called “Luscious Lashes Eyelash Growth Serum” which I have not made or used. But, because of this article I did purchase Emu Oil to use on my skin.

Sooooo, I was on Pinterest the other day – surprise surprise….and I saw a Pin about adding Cedarwood and Lavender essential oils into mascara to help grow long full luscious eye lashes.

Since everything counts and I sometimes forget to use my serum “for men” that works great “for women”, I figured it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try this out. I grabbed my mascara and added one drop of Cedarwood and Lavender oils to it.

I’ve been using my infused mascara for about two weeks……

AND this morning when I was putting it on – I noticed it….my eye lashes were fuller and longer than they had been.


I am so EXCITED!! This is a very easy and effective way to grow beautiful full and long eye lashes.

Hit me up if you are interested in obtaining these oils or use this link to sign-up to get them.