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Recently, I have been hearing that Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium has arsenic in it. For a long time I have used this product, others in my life, and this product has been recommended by many health gurus out there.

I have not had much time to research this, but you bet your shiny-hiney I don’t want to take any chances. I don’t want you to take any changes either!


At this time – I would like to recommend you NOT use Natural Calm for your magnesium needs.

Below are better options:

EASE Magnesium – this is my new favorite; it is not sticky and doesn’t cause skin sensations

Magnesium Glycinate

Epsoak Epsom Salt

Minear Dead Sea Salt

Side Note: Always, always read ingredient lists – some Epsom salts have “fragrance or parfum” listed as an ingredient. You don’t want that….we don’t know what that is or what that means. Since our skin is permeable, it is important that what we put on it and soak in is of the highest quality possible…..meaning, don’t soak in possible poison or toxins.

On that subject, please please get a shower filter – you absorb and inhale toxins and poisons from the water you shower in.

Here are two good and inexpensive options:

Berkey KDSF Shower Filter

QwenchPure – this is the one I currently use in my house