Where we left off…..

A friend of mine and my cousin told me that I’d have to graft them in to another plant, because their root systems on their own aren’t strong enough.



The research began…..

Through my research I learned that my sprouts need to grow for at least a year before they are big enough to graft into another plant.

Sooooo…..my mission is to keep all of them alive so I can graft them and see which ones take and grow big and strong enough to plant in the yard and produce lemons.

Had I known all this before I sprouted them….I probably would have went a bought a tree already grafted and big enough to plant in the yard, BUT I’m in it now – they are growing.

Next Step

This weekend I replanted each sprout into their own bigger pot. Since I’m fully committed to this process, I bought soil and fertilizer made specifically to encourage growth of citrus plants. I mixed the soil shown in the photo with an organic compost soil that I bought from my local nursery.


As they grow bigger in these pots, I’ll need to add more soil and move the one in the smaller pots to bigger pots like the others, because I was to big pots short.


Eventually, they will outgrow these pots and need to be replanted in even bigger pots. I’m really looking forward to seeing them grow into bigger more hardy plants.

I’ll keep you all posted as to how the process is going.

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