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Rene Descartes, a French philosopher said (roughly translated) “I think therefore I am”. This concept is profound. It is even more profound when put in to action and practice.

What you think (aka: tell yourself) your brain believes to be true, even if it isn’t true. This is why the topic of negative self-talk is so big right now. The thing is, your brain doesn’t understand negatives. When you tell yourself “I don’t want to…..” that isn’t what your brain hears…..it hears “I want to….”. You need to Change the Conversation.

I Think Therefore I Am

The power behind a statement that starts with the words “I am…..” will change your life, either for the better or the worse. “I think therefore I am”….your brain believes what you tell it. So, tell it what you want it to believe.

Let’s Compare Statements

I am….fat.                        or          I am….lean and strong. I am….a fat burning machine.

I am….not enough.            or          I am….more than enough. I am….excelling and thriving.

I am….not worth it.            or          I am….a child of the one and only God and creator. I am worth it.

Words to Remove from your Thoughts and Vocabulary: Should, Can’t, Must and Mustn’t

Put it into Practice

Every single time you hear a negative thought in your head, counteract it with an affirming “I am….” statement. Repeat it as many times as you need to as often as you need to, to stop the negative thought process.

If there are specific things you want, even if you don’t believe it yet, tell yourself what you are (aka what you want to be). Do not use “I want” statements, use “I am” statements.

“I think therefore I am”. You are, you will be, what you think.

Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Do not let your thoughts and your limiting beliefs (not truths) hold you back from what you want to achieve. Growth doesn’t occur in your comfort zones; it occurs during times of being uncomfortable. If you are comfortable, you can be certain no growth is occurring and you are stagnate.

Comfort Zones

I struggle with limiting beliefs, I am doing the work required to remove those limitations from my thoughts. It is hard work. It is worth it work. What I’ve realized through this so far, is that my limiting beliefs are not true. They are excuses. They are rooted in fear.

From the above, in practice: “I am….the only person who can do what I can do the way I can do it. I am….clear and confident in my vision for my future. I am….a master of time management. I am….a voracious reader. I am….whole and can create whatever I desire.”

“I think therefore I am”