How Can I Help You?

Do you need help getting started with a healthier lifestyle? Preparing health meals for you and your family? Do you need someone to keep you focused?

I would love to help you!

Over the past 20+ years I have honed my cooking skills to make healthy meals taste fantastic! I have researched and educated myself to source the best quality foods in an easy, sustainable, time efficient, and costs effective ways.

I am a pro at planning and organization and would love to provide you with the skills you need to prepare healthy meals for you and your family.

I will teach you the various ways to accomplish your goals so you may lead a healthier life through tasty quality food.

Value Added to You:

  • Pantry & Fridge Purge ($35 – 1 hr)
  • Guided Grocery Restock (with you) ($50 – 1.5 hrs)
  • Weekly Meal Planning ($70)
  • Assisted Bulk Meal Prep Session ($105 per session – 3 hrs)
  • Healthy Meal Cooking Workshop ($180 – includes the cost of ingredients; 3-4 people attendance required)
  • Virtual Accountability Partner ($45 – Week)
  • Organizing ($40 – 1 hr)
  • Planning / Scheduling ($40 – 1 hr)

Each person is required to start with an initial consultation ($40) with me so that we can discuss your needs and goals; at that time we will determine the ideal course of action for you.

Much love to you, Candace