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Now What?

I was thinking about posting all my workouts for a full year, but….I think it is time to move on….

After 8 months of this workout series I am feeling strong and capable. Soooooo now what? I’ve not decided yet if I am going to go back through all 6 programs again with heavier weight and different set and rep schemes or if I am going to design all new workout programs…..but either way….rest assured I’m keeping at it!


What I’ve Learned

Life Happens

Life Happens frequently.

If I miss a workout for whatever reason it is, I know that it is my choice. I don’t beat myself up, I don’t “make up for it”, I don’t think twice about it…..because the Lord willing…..there is another day for a workout. And if the Lord isn’t willing…..well I’m in heaven and no longer need to lift weights anyway.


Consistency is the key to progression.

You are what you do over and over again.

Make Changes

Changing-up the routine/programming is important.

I change programs every 5 weeks, sometimes 4 weeks. The change keeps interest and engagement high as well as elicits new stimulus to the body to promote body changes and growth.

You can_t out-exercise a bad diet

What you put in your face matters more.

While weight training is important for health (bone density and hormonal response) and capability (muscle mass to get through life with ease), what you put in your face matters more. You can’t out exercise a poor diet. I could talk for a long time on this subject, so I’m going to leave it at that….for now.

Links to All the Programs in One Place

In the past 8 months I’ve completed the following workouts, linked to below. In each post I link to YouTube videos that will show you or teach you proper form for each movement.

Part 1 of Lifting Weights / Resistance Training

  • Why lifting weights is important to me
  • Misconceptions women make about lifting weights
  • Things to-do
  • Lifting program weeks 1 – 5

Part 2 of Lifting Weights / Resistance Training

  • My workouts for weeks 6 – 10
  • Articles that discuss general guidelines about training and the menstrual cycle

Part 3 of Lifting Weights / Resistance Training

  • My workouts for weeks 11 – 15
  • Circuit Style
  • Rest Week & Life

Part 4 of Lifting Weights / Resistance Training

  • Life Happens
  • Lifting program weeks 16 – 21
  • Full Body Workouts – Mostly Large Compound Lifts

Part 5 of Lifting Weights / Resistance Training

  • Pyramid Sets/Reps
  • Back from Vacation

Part 6 of Lifting Weights / Resistance Training

  • Still Super Sets
  • Drop Sets

Here are some of my other blog posts that discuss exercise.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.