Vegetarianism & Veganism


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I have recently found that acquaintances in my life are choosing to eat vegetarian or vegan. I really did not want to get into a conversation or debate with them about their choice. But, it got me asking myself why they are choosing this? One person did tell me it wasn’t because of moral views, so why then? Well, I decided to put some thoughts and information out there in hopes of expanding some horizons.


According to Google, Vegetarianism is defined as “a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons”.

Also, according to Google, a Vegan is defined as “a person who does not eat or use animal products”.

Can You Be Healthy Long-Term?

Being a vegetarian or vegan and being healthy long-terms is not impossible, but it will likely be tough. I heard on a podcast not that long ago that was discussing vegetarianism and veganism and they were saying that it takes about 7 years for the long-term effects of missing nutrients and poor nutrient absorption to have a negative effect on their health.

Many folks who choose a vegetarian or veganism way of eating typically rely too heavily on grains, legumes, GMO foods, and highly-processed food-like products as the bulk of their diets. If you tolerate grains and legumes, it is ok to use them sparingly, however they are low in bio-available nutrients, they contain lectins and phytates, and can also contribute to intestinal permeability. It is helpful if you properly prepare them, soaking them overnight and allowing them to sprout before cooking them.  If you already have any intestinal permeability or inflammation they can wreak havoc. Generally speaking, these items also are not very nutrient dense, especially compared to other vegetable options. It is important to watch blood sugar issues with eating lots of grains and grain products.

Fruit is very yummy and do contain usable nutrients, but can cause increased issues with those with blood sugar problems and those who are fructose intolerant (avoid Agave). Eating some fruit is ok, but eating massive amounts of fruit all day isn’t a good idea.

A lot of folks also rely on soy products, which I say is a bad idea due to the estrogenic activity of soy. This is super important for men. Just say no to soy. Most soy is also GMO soy. If you choose to eat soy, I suggest you only eat traditionally fermented soy.

If the goal of either of these lifestyles is to be healthy, the main food items that need to be consumed is organic non-GMO vegetables, some fruit, and the use of supplements. Many vitamin and mineral deficiencies can occur over time from not eating animals and or animal products; for example: B12, iron, zinc, calcium, fat-soluble vitamins D and A, and other long-chain fatty acids like DHA and EPA.

Personal Opinion

I believe that having a plant-based diet is important. We should be eating a minimum of 2 – 3 cups of veggies with each meal. Eating a variety of foods is very important. Get them all and eat them all.

I also believe that the human body needs the bio-available nutrients that come from animal products (meats, organs, seafood, bi-products ie. Eggs, Bone BrothCollagen Protein, Honey, Butter or Ghee.

I do not think that you have to eat meat or animal products with every meal to gain the nutrients your body needs. If you focus on the most nutrient dense the less you have to eat of them, like cold-water fatty fish, liver, pastured egg yolks, pastured bison or beef.

I believe that there are good and ideal ways for people to eat animals and animal products that do not involve large-scale factory farming practices ie. feed-lots and other confined animal feeding operations, closed-in chicken farms, or GMO plants etc. Vote with your dollar!

In my post Quality Food SourcesI provide my thoughts on sourcing our foods from responsible places. Regardless if you eat meat or not, you should be sourcing your produce from locally grown sources, the closer to you they are grown the less nutrients are lost and the less gasoline is needed to transport it. You can source responsibly raised and butchered meats, bones, and organs. With a little online research you can find local farmers and ranchers that are doing things in an ethically responsible way. If you have local farmers markets that is also a good place to start, they are usually there. Ask questions.

Small Rant:

It is naive to think that because you are vegan or vegetarian that your food doesn’t cause animal death. It does. The farming practices kill hundreds and thousands of animals and animal habitats. Why is it ok to kill a field mouse, mole, rabbit, snake, insect or bird and not a cow, pig, or deer? Anyway, that is not really a question….

The Bible says in Genesis 9:3 “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” There is A LOT more details in in Deuteronomy 14:1-29 and in Leviticus 11:1-47. The Maker’s Diet has a bunch of details in it too.

Recommended Supplements:

Purepea by: Designs for Health

Calton Nutrition – Nutreince


Various Resources:

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I’m not vegan anymore

My Thoughts on Feminism


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Disclaimer: I was born and raised the United States. I have very little, if any, first hand understanding regarding the oppression of women in other countries. This post is my personal opinion from my perspective and experience only.


This post comes on the heels of me listening to a podcast from Coconuts & Kettlebells. I really enjoy these ladies, who they are, and all the topics they discuss. It really got me thinking….they made some very good points that changed my mindset around the word feminism.

Until this podcast, I generally have had a bad taste in my mouth with regards to feminism today.

Originally, feminism was about women acquiring equal political rights as men. Later it developed further into a woman’s right to work, earn wages to support her family, mostly out of necessity…because of World War II. Also, to gain control over her reproductive rights.

I do think that women working for the right to vote, to have a voice/to be heard was and is important. A woman’s right to work and not have children if she doesn’t want to…is important. And, the right to have a bank account and buy a house or car without a man’s endorsement attached to it. Feminism gave women freedoms and independence that we never had before. I am very grateful for the women who came before me that have allowed me to vote, work to support myself, and have an open opinion.

I also think that feminism has gotten out of hand in some regards. People always talk about feminism as the only option is that women have to work….break the glass ceiling and prove something to “the man’s world”. I think to a huge degree WWII and women moving into the workplace has had a tremendous negative effect on the family and home. The family loses a lot by the woman or mother working full-time. While I wouldn’t trade the rights that came to me through the course of historic events around feminism, we must also remember that women were designed to hold the family and home together.

Feminism has caused me grief over the years, I think about what my life may have looked like had I lived in a different generation. Would I be happier? What would it be like to only do the things that God innately built into me, instead of a constant fight to make my way through a “man’s world”?

Make no mistake….women have come a very long way in the U.S., but we aren’t there yet…it is STILL a man’s world. Companies like to talk about the glass ceiling, but let me tell you first hand that ceiling is there. Every large organization I’ve worked for has some sort of group that focuses on women’s development and promotion. If equality between men and women in the workforce wasn’t an issue anymore we wouldn’t need or have these groups. Their very existence proves there is still a major issue with equality in the workplace. Equality doesn’t exist in positions held or pay scale and other perks/benefits. Any woman who has “made it” to the top of the food chain in corporate America has done so, because she has worked 2 or 3 times harder than her male counterparts, because that is what is required of her to do to “make it” and keep it. That doesn’t sound very equal to me.

In the podcast, Stefani mentions how men interrupt women when they are talking all the time. Here is something else interesting on that subject. They also talked about the objectivity of women. I found this particularly interesting…I don’t think that we should be used for our bodies or treated as objects. However, women’s bodies are beautiful and I don’t know one woman that doesn’t like it when her man makes her feel desired in a primal objectified kind of way. There is power in beauty. We are powerful creatures and when we start believing that we are and acting like we are…a true revolution in feminism will occur. We have to stop giving our power away.

I am fortunate that I’ve been a strong and independent minded person since I was a very young child. My Dad taught me to work hard and gave me ethical standards. My Mom taught me to persevere, use my will, and wit to achieve my goals. She taught me that I was not less than anyone, including my male bosses….”I work with them…not for them”. Knowing my value as a person and knowing what value I can add to someone, team, or company has allowed me to stand my ground…fight for what I deserve and speak my mind when I do not think something is right.

Women are still discriminated against….there is no doubt about it. But, we are not victims. We are not required to be passive bystanders in our lives. We have to be the change we want to see. We have to act according to our convictions. We have to teach the other women around us. We have to not settle and not give our power away. We have to change our mind-sets about who we are in the world and what we are capable of before any real change can occur.

In this day in age, women are not free to be the women we were designed by God to be. The expectations that are laid on us is to not only be the nurturing, care-giving, family building creatures we are, but to also do all of that while working full-time jobs in a man’s world, and all that comes with too. At the end of the day, as much as we want to, as much as we try to, we cannot do it all – keep it all together all the time – it is physically impossible. If we did a random survey of women across the U.S. of working wives and moms, I would wager that they would tell you that their health and mental well-being is suffering and lackluster because they are trying to do it all. Where do we draw the line?

I drew the line, I had to, my health and mental well-being has suffered tremendously and frankly still is. I had to make a choice to not have children in lieu of working full-time (if children were in my cards, I wanted to stay home and raise them). I hired a housekeeper to help clean the house, because I’m not home more than I am home. I sometimes choose to not cook or do laundry when I know I “should” because I’m tired and my physical and mental health is more important at that time. There are always trade-offs in life. You cannot have it all. You have to choose.

So while the feminist movement has made some positive strides for the rights of women, it has also created a social standard for women that is unrealistic and is breaking down women’s health and our families.

More on: Candace’s Health Story (Part 2)


I have realized that on my health learning journey, while I learned a tremendous amount while going through things, it isn’t until much later that I got a real big-picture 30k view of my past health issues and how they are intertwined together with my current health struggles.

I would venture to guess that most people’s health issues are not caused by only one thing. Typically, as with me, my health issues are that of a perfect storm.

I want to roll my own eyes at saying this….but STRESS. This topic is a big one all over the internet. Most of the time when I read or skim through an article on stress, I read through it and roll my eyes. Yes, we all know that stress is bad for us. Yes, we all know we are supposed to “manage stress”. But….realistically how, really….how?? There are overt clear stressors in our lives: a job we don’t like, being around family we don’t like, driving in traffic, the loss of a loved one, a new baby, loss of a job, planning a wedding, buying a new house (hello, right now!), trying to “do it all”…..any of the big life things. The stress we don’t realize is stress on our bodies and minds: exercise, pollution and toxins, the alarm clock….

Looking back over my health declines and repairs and declines and repairs….and declines….

The ups and downs in my health have all been different. Some things have been the same, but until recently had not connect the dots yet. The one common thread….you guess it….the catalyst was STRESS.

When a double homozygous C677T gene mutation, that I didn’t know about for 39 years of my life, with 20 years on hormonal birth control pills, and various and repeated nutrient deficiencies collide with chronic (long-term) stress you get an unhealthy body that breaks down and feels like crapola!

The perfect storm of conditions have occurred several times over my lifetime and it is only now that I realize what was really going on. I am still trying to regain my health from my last and worst storm.

Allow me to provide you a real life, example – this is what I can remember off the top of my head.

The storm rolls up and the next thing you know you cannot function though your day without a nap, any amount of exercise crushes you for days on end, you are so tired but don’t get very good quality of sleep so you don’t ever feel rested, you wake up in the middle of the night with crazy heart palpitations, you’re irritable, anxious, extreme sensitivity to noise and bright lights, you can’t handle any amount of stress, dizziness for no good reason, can’t remember anything about anything, have no motivation to do anything but lay in bed and watch mindless TV, no sex drive, you’ve gained 25+ lbs of pure body fat and its hanging on for dear life, edema, dry brittle hair that is falling out like crazy, your skin is flaking off your face and scalp and body and no amount of oil or lotion seems to help, the appearance of wrinkles overnight, your pooper doesn’t work the way it should, you’re freezing your butt off and the only way you can get warm is by taking a hot shower and then using a heating pad in the bed, craving all starchy carbs and fat foods all the time with lots of salt, protein aversion, weird skin issues (rashes, flushing), hormone imbalances like crazy – particularly low progesterone to estrogen ratio and low testosterone. So…..that is a look at what I’ve been trying to manage for the past 2.5 years.

What I’ve Learned

I have learned that doing better with my food and lifestyle choices for a while until I feel better and then going back to doing or including things that contribute to the deterioration of my body and expecting my body to stay health doesn’t work. I’ve been on a health roller-coaster for most of my adult life; it is ridiculous and I have to get off this ride. Most of this is a physiological issue. Why would I keep doing the same thing over and over thinking “it won’t happen this time”? I’m a reasonably intelligent person.

Regardless, sometimes you just have to make a decision not to get back on the ride no matter how bad you may want to. This is not an easy task. It’s all about mindset and habits.

The human body is one system. It functions synergistically. The healthcare system treats our bodies as though all the various systems function in compartments and do not affect one another. Trust me when I say it doesn’t take a M.D. to figure out that if one system goes wonky it affects other systems and they can go wonky too. This fact can make it quite difficult to identify which system started the downstream of wonkiness. Yes, those are very technical terms! Anyway…..

I think that if I can regain and maintain my Gut Health, Liver Health, and Brain Health all/most the other systems of the body will stay healthy as well, because they are all connected.

Improved Sleep with Essential Oils (N=1)


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I have been struggling with poor sleep quality for a long while now. I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of stuff externally and internally to help me sleep better. I’ve been quite impressed with my improved quality of sleep using a blend of essential oils before bed.

I like to cover quite a large area with my blend so I use a ¼ – ½ a teaspoon of a carrier oil to maximize my spread-ability. I personally prefer to use Sweet Almond Oil, but you can use coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, sesame seed oil, grape seed oil etc.

At the end of my nightly routine, right before I climb into bed to wind down for sleep – I rub the blend on the underside of both my arms, from my wrists to my elbows, all over my chest and neck, and on/around my nose holes.

Here is what to do –

  1. Open each of the following oils: LavenderCedarwoodPeace & Calming II
  2. Pour ¼ – ½ a teaspoon of a carrier oil into the palm of my hand
  3. Add 4 drops of Lavender
  4. Add 2 drops of Cedar wood
  5. Add 2 drops of Peace & Calming II


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If you do not want to sign up for an account, but are interested in placing an order, please reach out to me by leaving a comment on this post.

Recipe: All-in-one-Meal – Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin w/ Potatoes & Onion


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I made this for lunch this past Sunday for friends; It was a big hit! I used a base recipe and modified it to what I know and like. My version is below.

Recipe: All-in-one-Meal – Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin w/ Potatoes & Onion


  • Large Baking Sheet
  • Foil
  • Tongs
  • Toothpicks


Sauce Ingredients:


Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees. Double line a baking sheet with non-stick foil. Let your pork get to room temperature. Wisk-up your sauce ingredients in a bowl and set aside. Rinse and dry your pork tenderloins. Drying the meat will help it to brown better.

Get a pan really hot on the stove-top, then add some butter, salt, and garlic in the pan. Sear your tenderloins on all sides in the pan one at a time, adding more butter, salt, and garlic in between.

While searing the first one lay out bacon slices on a chopping board and sprinkle with black pepper and herb mix of your choice, I like Bragg’s Organic Herb & Spices Seasoning but you can use whatever you like. Once seared, place the tenderloin on the bacon. Wrap the bacon around the tenderloin, secure with toothpicks, and place on foil lined baking sheet. Repeat for the second tenderloin.

Pour sauce mixture over the top of the tenderloins. Whatever sugar is at the bottom of the bowl, scrape that over the top of each tenderloin.

Chop onion in medium-ish pieces, see picture, and spread around the tenderloins.

Then oil the potatoes, sprinkle salt and whatever seasoning you like on them and spread them around the tenderloins.

Uncooked Pork Tenderloin

Bake for 45 minutes. Broil on Low for 5 minutes (gets bacon crispy). Then remove from oven and let rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Slice with toothpicks in and serve. Drizzle a couple of spoonful of sauce over each portion.

Done! Eat! Enjoy!

Finished Pork Tenderloin

Bone Broth


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Bone broth has become very trendy and all the rage over the past couple-ish years for good reason. It is an incredibly healthy food that was all but lost from most homes. It’s back now and so very important for optimal health and longevity.

Just about every Paleo/Ancestral/Whole Food blogger has a post or multiple posts on the value and nutrition of bone broth.

You can also purchase pre-made bone broth. Other than Kettle & Fire Grass-fed Bone Broth which I do usually keep in my pantry at all times, I find that the others are pretty expensive considering it doesn’t cost very much to make it yourself.

Here are some of the folks I trust, if you are going to purchase instead of make it.

Be aware of boxes of “broth” you can purchase in the average grocery store, they are full of all kinds of yucky ingredients you don’t want in your body. Read your labels.

How I Make Bone Broth

I like using my large oval crockpot or Instant Pot on slow-cooker mode. I prefer the low-n-slow method. You can do my way in a stainless steel stock pot on the stove as well.

I am always collecting bones; large ziploc bag of bones in my freezer at all times. When I get a full gallon size freezer ziploc bag full of bones, I know it is time to make broth.

The quality of your bones is really important; get grass-fed beef, free-range pastured chickens and pork bones. You can also make stock from duck, turkey, lamb, or deer.

The bones that I collect are mostly from our dinners, I save all our chicken bones and steak bones, pork chop bones etc. These work the best because they were seasoned well and browned in the cooking process. I keep the fat on the bones if I can and save it too along with the fat that I cut off and don’t eat. I mix my bones and use all the different types in each batch.

If you buy a bag of bones from a butcher, store, or farm I suggest putting some salt and pepper on them and roasting them in and brown in the oven before making broth from them; it provides so much more flavor.

Bone Broth Instructions

I get my crockpot out and fill it with good filtered water, I turn it on high and let the water start getting really hot.

I add ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and some real salt. You can add additional salt to the finished product as well, should you not add enough at the start.

Then I pull out my very favorite secret – Regency Soup Socks I put all my bones in one soup sock and tie a double knot at the top. I put the bones in the water.

Timing: Some people like to cook their bones for 24 hours. I like to cook mine for 10 – 12 hours because that is how many hours on my crockpot and am able to plan ahead for. The longer you cook the more gelatinous the result should be; it also depends on your bones. The longer you cook it the deeper and richer the flavor will be.

Note: If you use the stove-top you want to get it to a good boil to start then lower the heat to a simmer. Watch to make sure your water doesn’t get too low; you may have to add water. You do not have to add water to the crockpot, since it is sealed, and it creates more of a gelatinous result.

In a second soup sock I add onion, garlic cloves, celery, a couple bay leaves, 1 – 2 lemons cut in ½ or ¼ – I squeeze the juice in and then throw them in the bag. I like to wait until around 4 hours before the broth is done cooking before I add this bag to the crockpot. You can also add fresh or dried herbs, but wait until a couple of hours before you are done before adding them.

Once it is done cooking, I pull the bags out and trash them.

I let the broth cool for a while, but not all the way.

Once it is cooler, I get my jars, strainer, and a ladle and put it in the containers.

I allow them to sit uncovered until completely cooled to room temperature.

I put them in the fridge and freezer and use them as needed.

Uses for Your Broth

It is awesome to warm up a mug and add some lemon and sea salt and drink it every day. The healing effects on your body over time will be very noticeable. I love to use it for my liquid to warm up foods. And naturally, making soup with the broth is a great way to get it in your diet.

Leave me a comment and let me know if and how you use bone broth in your life.


I purchase my Kettle & Fire Grass-fed Bone Broth from Thrive Market

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I’m currently projected to save $500 – $600 on my groceries in 2016 by purchasing from Thrive Market.

Change the Conversation


I was listening to a couple of interviews recently that were discussing people’s inability to making lasting changes / modification to their behaviors despite their desire to do so….this got me thinking….

Think About What You Want, Not About What You Do Not Want

Wanting to do something or achieve something – just having the desire to do it, regardless of how much you want it isn’t enough to drive the result of a change to occur.

I think to myself sometimes that I really really badly want something to happen in my life, but struggle to do what I need to do to make that change a reality. Why?

Our brains do not understand negatives. If you think to yourself “I do not want to eat cookies or chips this week” you’ve just put the picture of cooking or chips into your brain. Your brain say “yes, cookies or chips” and that is what you then think about and crave despite your desire to not eat them.

Solution: Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, change your thoughts to what you do want. “I want to eat apples this week.” “I want to eat carrots.” Then your brain will focus on what you do want.

Negative Self-Talk

This sorta thing is also very helpful with negative self-talk. I struggle with negative self-talk. The first step is the awareness of when you are doing it. If you can catch yourself in the act or even after the thought, then you can change the conversation in your mind.

Solution: Stop the thought or right after the thought. Tell yourself the opposite of what your negative thought was.

The Power of Your Brain

There is real power in what you think about and what you believe. If you believe in yourself, what you want, know that you deserve what you want, and make steps towards what you want despite adversity (because you believe in yourself) you are more likely to actually obtain what you want.

Your power for change is held in your beliefs….by the thoughts in your brain. Change the conversation; just remember, your brain believes what you tell it.

This practice is not easy, but it is possible…..start today.

What’s in Your Office Drawer??


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It is my assumption that the majority of people spend most of their day at job away from their home. I do. So it begs the question….What’s in Your Office Drawer??

I keep my biggest drawer at work full of healthy snacks, condiments, and supplements etc.

I wanted to share with you what I have in my office goodie drawer today….right now….on the fly….(please don’t judge my pictures)

Office Drawer Stuffs 1

  • Primal Kitchen – Greek Vinaigrette (made with avocado oil and oil of oregano)
  • Great Lakes Gelatin – I use this in my tea and coffee BUT – I have switched to Vital Proteins brand now, because it has a tight lid for easy clean travel.
  • Frank’s Original Red Hot – I spicy up all sorts of food with this stuff
  • The Republic of Tea – Get Lost
  • Natural Calm Magnesium – – I mix this in my water when I take my vitamin C
  • Super Beets – Beets are super health for you. I found this at a health food store.
  • Health Force Nutrition – Vitamin C

Office Drawer Stuffs 2

I would love for you to leave me comments to tell me what your office snack drawer.

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Healing Protocol


I have purchase and read many many books, blogs, newletters, and listen to numerous podcasts in attempts to educate myself so that I can help myself and others.

First, below are the specific books that I’ve derived the recommendations from.

  1. The Hormone Reset Diet
  2. The Wahls Protocol
  3. The Autoimmune Solution
  4. The Adrenal Reset Diet
  5. The Hormone Secret

I bet you see a trend…..

Hormones rule your body. Healthy hormone function and balance is critical to being healthy.

Healthy Protocol Recommendations

  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Avoid Conventional Dairy
  • Avoid Sugar (stevia ok)
  • Avoid Gluten (Cross-Reactivity: Corn, Oats, Rice, Yeast, Whey)
  • Avoid Grains
  • Reduce Caffeine or Cycle Caffeine (on 3 weeks off 1 week)
  • Stop Snacking


Minimize Toxins

  • Avoid Flame Retardants
  • Avoid Pesticides
  • Avoid BPA (use glass or stainless steel instead of plastic)
  • Avoid Phthalates (Use Clean Body Products)
  • Sweat (Use Infrared Sauna – two articles linked to each word)
  • Use Mud/Clay
  • Use Air Filters
  • Use Water Filters (drinking and showering)
  • Use EMF Filters

Test Test Test – Test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Re-test periodically.

Note: These lists are not a full comprehensive list of things to do or not do, but are various highlighted important things to do or not do. Concentrating on these things will move the needle towards better health.

I wish you all the best of health!

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions.


Introducing: Vital Proteins


It is my tremendous pleasure to introduce a company to you all….Vital Proteins. I love to support businesses that are doing things the right way! Vital Proteins boasts “natural sources of essential proteins, sourced from pasture-raised cows in Brazil and New Zealand and wild-caught-fish in Hawaii”. The high quality sourcing of Vital Proteins’ products are a result of knowing “collagen production slows as we age” and “the body needs and deserves high-quality building blocks” to “maintain a vibrant life”.

If you have any question about quality for my Jewish friends – the product is “certified kosher by Rabbi David Sheinkopf.” Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions.

Below is list of products that Vital Proteins currently offers:

  • Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides
  • Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed Collagen Protein, Beef Gelatin
  • Kaayla Daniels’ Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed Type II Cartilage Collagen
  • Collagen Beauty Greens
  • Marine Collagen, Wild-Caught, Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Organic Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed Whey Protein (unflavored, vanilla coconut, or cocoa coconut)
  • Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed Liver Capsules

I love knowing that I’m nourishing my body with the best highest quality products I can…..Vital Proteins makes me feel good, look good, and age more gracefully.

Use this link to place your order!  

Use Coupon Code: VPA-7689-WFOAD-HVQP  /  Free shipping on all U.S. orders.

I’m wishing for you all a healthy long life!