Good Enough is Good Enough


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As a recovering protectionist, it is actually is shocking to me that I’m able to even say these words…..

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, anxious, stressed-out, defeated or beating yourself up about the ideal, idea of or the desire for perfection? Getting things just so, making things “perfect”?

If so, I have two words for you…..

Stop That

The other day Robb Wolf posted on Instagram the following: “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good enough…”

Robb Wolf - Good Enough

Today, I listened to the latest Well-fed Women podcast #162 where they had a short discussion about “good enough” and not killing yourself striving for perfection. This discussion was held somewhere between 7:00 – 13:00 minute marks. It is worth a listen.

They got me thinking…..

So many of us are harming ourselves and our relationships by trying to reach an ideal of perfection that is not going to get us any further or any happier than good enough will.

While many people could stand to step-up in many ways in their life to peruse things with more dedication and discipline to achieve goals; doing those things with the idea of reaching perfection is in vain. 9 times out of 10 good enough will get you where you want to be.

We are what we do and think the majority of the time. In my mind, 90% effort is good enough. 90% consistency will get you to your goal. There is no such thing as perfect, so take that word out of your vocabulary. Be good enough.


Having Standards, Having Goals

I do think it is important to have goals. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know how to get there. I think it is also important to have high standards. Don’t have-azz things. Do everything to the best of your ability; do it good enough. If you are lacking in ability, learn more, then do it.

There is a false since of failure associated with the idea of perfection and having high standards and goals. Thomas Edison said “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That tells me that 1) Edison made a whole bunch of attempts 2) He didn’t quit 3) He didn’t waste time beating himself; he kept moving 4) Failure doesn’t actually exist or we wouldn’t have light bulbs right now.


So now there is two more words to remove from your vocabulary and thoughts…..”perfect” and “failure”.


Lifting Weights / Resistance Training


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I made a commitment to myself that I would re-start lifting weights regularly, with consistency. See “Questioner/Upholder” from The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. It has been a hot minute since I’ve done this (for many reasons). My husband agreed to cook dinner on the evenings that I go to the gym, so we still have a home-cooked healthy meal and I don’t have to worry about it.


Lifting Weights is Important to Me.

It makes me feel good, strong, accomplished, and capable. The health benefits of resistance training are many, but here are some of the important ones to me.

  • Maintain and Gain Muscle Mass: eats more calories at rest = higher metabolism (less body fat), sucks up glucose improving blood sugar regulation, decreases insulin resistance, you can eat more carbohydrates, (in my opinion) muscle physically looks better on the body (even if covered with fat)
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Help to maintain hormonal balance as we age. (HGH, testosterone, fight against estrogen dominance)

Ability to move through life without regular assistance; carry groceries, lifting bags of soil, put heavy things on shelves and get them back down again, pick things up off the floor, open jars, move on to the floor and back up to my feet again, get up and down off the toilet and the list goes on and on. There are daily life activities that many younger people take for granted that as we age and lose muscle mass become difficult. The way out of becoming frail and incapable is lifting weights/resistance training.

Let’s Get a Few Things Straight!

  • Women do not have enough testosterone to “get bulky” or “look like a body builder”. The women who carry “big” muscles are those whose job it is to look like that. They have to work really really hard to gain that much muscle and they take supplements to help with that.
  • Lifting tiny weights are not going to have the same positive effects (listed above) on your body as lifting a weight that is challenging (aka: heavy – which is relative to each person and changes along the journey).
  • YOU CANNOT OUT TRAIN A POOR DIET! (No, I’m not yelling; I’m emphasizing)
  • No one in the gym is looking at you. They are looking at themselves.

Cardio isn’t going to achieve what you want or think it will. Cardio will make you look like a smaller flappy version of what you look like right now. If you “lift weights faster” (super-sets and circuits) you don’t need to do traditional cardio.

Lift Weights Faster

Things To-Do

  • Make sure you get plenty of recovery time between workouts. I think 1 to 2 days in between depending on how sore you are. On recovery days, get blood flow through those muscles. I like to walk, stretch, take hot Epsom Salt baths, and use ARES Sports Rub.
  • Make sure you are prioritizing sleep. Sleep is the #1 thing your body needs to heal and recover. If you didn’t get a good night sleep, do not go to the gym, go home and sleep.
  • Make sure you are eating nourishing foods and supplementing well. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is awesome recovery food (I’m an affiliate). (You cannot out supplement a pour diet.)
  • Make sure you are walking every day for at least 30 minutes


The whole purpose of my post was to tell you what I’m doing! Soooo here goes.

I finally got around to making a commitment to myself that I was going to get back to lifting regularly at the end of January this year. Since it had been a while and I’m notorious for jumping back in full force and being so sore I can’t sit on the toilet or get up from it for that matter, I made a responsible plan to work my way back into lifting without over doing it.

The current plan is 2 days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday is lower body and Thursday is upper body. I’m doing this for 4 to 6 weeks before adding a third workout day.

Side Note: I like to super-set my workouts so that I can get them done faster and it keeps my heart rate up throughout the whole workout to obtain the cardio benefits. A super-set is when you move from exercise to another exercise without a break in between. When starting out I usually can only do one set of each before taking a break. Once my ability increases, I’ll be able to multiple sets of each before taking a break. I’ve colored the text below to show you my groupings for super-sets.

Week 1

Tuesday – Lower Body (2 Sets of 8-10 Reps)

Thursday – Upper Body (2 Sets of 8-10 Reps)

Week 2

Tuesday – Lower Body (3 Sets of 8-10 Reps)

  • Warm-up: Revolving Stairs – 10 mins.
  • Reverse Lunge – bodyweight
  • Wide-Stance Squat – 40 lb dumbbell
  • Leg Press – 90, 100, 110 (pounds)
  • Step-ups – bodyweight
  • Glute Bridge – bodyweight
  • Plank – 15 secs.
  • Stretch

Thursday – Upper Body (3 Sets of 8-10 Reps)

  • Warm-up: Assisted Pull-up Machine
  • Arnold Press – 15 lb dumbbells (dropped to 10 lbs on third set)
  • Y-Press – 10 lb dumbbells (dropped to 5 lbs on third set)
  • Rear Delt Fly – 5 lb dumbbells
  • High Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 15 lb dumbbells
  • Seated Cable Rows – 40 lbs
  • Stretch

Week 3

Tuesday – Lower Body (3 Sets of 8-10 Reps – Increase Weight)

  • Warm-up: Revolving Stairs – 10 mins.
  • Reverse Lunge – bodyweight
  • Wide-Stance Squat – 45 lb dumbbell
  • Leg Press – 100, 110, 120 (pounds)
  • Step-ups – bodyweight
  • Hip Thrust – 30 lb barbell
  • Plank – 15 secs.
  • Stretch

Friday – Upper Body (3 Sets of 8-10 Reps – Add Movements)

I slept poorly on Wednesday night and moved my lifting day to Friday. Which is today!

  • Warm-up: Assisted Pull-up Machine
  • Arnold Press – 15 lb dumbbells
  • Y-Press – 10 lb dumbbells (drop to 5 lbs when needed)
  • Front Raise – 10 lb dumbbells (drop to 5 lbs when needed) – (Video @ 1:00 min)
  • Rear Delt Fly – 5 lb dumbbells
  • High Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 15 lb dumbbells
  • Bent Over Row – 30 lb barbell
  • Wide Grip Lat Pull-Down – 40 lbs
  • Stretch

I feel better now

Week 4 (to maybe 6)

It isn’t here yet, but it will look very similar to the above with increased weight, reps or sets to keep it challenging and progressing as well as preventing my body from adapting (plateauing).

After this 4th week or maybe after 6 weeks, I’ll continue include different movements into my routine for another 4 to 6 weeks, while still progressing in weight. I’m going to attempt to add in a third day that will focus on 10 – 15 minutes of HIIT training (I prefer sprints) followed by stretching. So, it will be a super short workout, but that is all that is needed (more is not better), because HIIT is super effective for fat loss while maintain muscle mass.

Here are some of my other blog posts that discuss exercise.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.



Kale vs. Cow


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I listed to a podcast this week by Balanced Bites called Kale vs. Cow with Diana Rodgers. This is a great podcast, please give it an attentive listen all the way to the end.

Podcast 331

  1. Introducing our guest, Diana Rodgers [1:47]
  2. Kale versus Cow documentary [3:00]
  3. Emotion and humanity [10:16]
  4. Biodiversity and greenhouse gases [18:24]
  5. Ethics and intent [25:52]
  6. Food as a religion [34:49]
  7. About the documentary [42:02]

Diana Rodgers has devoted herself to all things that promote sustainability. There have been many one-sided documentaries that have come out as of late that are pure fallacy and biased statistics. Here are my thoughts on one of them in particular. She has taken it upon herself to create a documentary that is based on science and the truth of what animals do for the health of our soil and planet. Here is a link to her Kale vs. Cow the Case for Better Meat page. There are lots of fantastic resource links at the bottom of this page, I highly suggest you check out.

I am so excited about this documentary, as I trust her and know that she will provide accurate and truthful information. As her slogan goes: “It’s Not the COW, It’s the HOW”. Meaning that it isn’t the growing and eating of cows that is the problem it is HOW of the raising of the cows that is the problem.

Diana just put out a new post called: Make America GRAZE Again! It is full of fantastic information and videos.

Kale vs. Cow

More and more people I know are choosing to eat Vegan. I am greatly concerned about their long-term health, because of this choice. People naively think that eating Vegan is “saving the animals” and is healthy for their body long-term.

Keep in mind that I do believe that eating lots of organic vegetables and fruit, nuts, seed etc. is very healthy for your body. Here are more of my thoughts on this subject.

I also believe that supporting the operations of factory farming practices is not a great choice. You do not have to become Vegan to not support these destructive practices. You just need to source better quality meat. Here is one of many posts that lists Quality Food Sources. The best part is that our bodies don’t need as much high-quality meat to be healthy, which is also more economical. So, you will be eating less meat and still getting the health benefits from it as well as supporting a soil and planet restoration way of growing animals and plants.

What most vegetarians and vegans fail to realize or admit is that not only are they still killing thousands animals and their habitats through the mass factory farming practices of growing vegetables and fruits, but also poising the planet, animals, and ourselves through the herbicides, pesticides, and transportation of these vegetables and fruits. The monocrop (definition: Monocropping is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land, in the absence of rotation through other crops or growing multiple crops on the same land (polyculture). Corn, soybeans, and wheat are three common crops often grown using monocropping techniques.) growing practice is also a huge issue for the same reasons provided above, plus they are typically GMO products and hugely subsidized by the government.


The majority of vegans and vegetarians, I know, also eat a ton of processed foods, made with products from the monocrops. Eating vegetables and fruits out of season that are transported hundreds if not thousands of miles. Neither of these things are healthy for the planet nor to animals and I think not healthy for our bodies either.

I love Diana Rodger’s book The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook; perhaps this book will help my vegetarian and vegan friends learn to grow their own vegetables and fruits and maybe animals too.

Homegrown Paleo Cookbook

If you are like me and are concerned about animals and the health of our planet, it is up to you to be fully informed to use your discernment and not believe everything that you are fed (pun intended).

Let’s go to the source, quite literally, the Bible (thus God) says that He gave us every moving things that lives to be food, just as He gave us green plants. God’s intention was for us to grow and eat animals. He wouldn’t have told us to do this, if it were unhealthy for us or the plant. While I found some of what is in this book to be a bit extreme, I love the history and ideas behind it; check out The Maker’s Diet.

The Maker's Diet

I wish all my people well regardless of how you choose to eat. I pray each of you to be healthy and have life-long vitality.

Are you Shoulding Yourself?


To quote a well-known person and television series, which will go nameless for various reasons…..”Why are we shoulding all over ourselves?”


I personally believe that we all need to remove the word “should” from our vocabulary, particularly when we are speaking to ourselves. I’ve found it difficult. I didn’t realize how much I used this word. I am being self-aware, deliberate, and conscience about recognizing when I start to use this word and then stopping and changing the word or phrase to remove the word should. It takes constant practice.

The online Dictionary defines the word Should like this: “used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions” (thank you Google). Typically that someone mentioned in the definition is us. I find that it isn’t helpful nor productive to criticize one’s self.

I’ve found that removing this word from my vocabulary as had positive effects on my life. This practice has elevated the connection of any possible self-inflicted guilt associated with something.

For example, a statement someone says to themselves: “I should go to the gym today.” Then the person for whatever reason doesn’t go to the gym that day. Because they already think they “should” have gone to the gym, then they feel guilty for not going. If you do not say or think you “should go to the gym today” to start with, then you won’t feel guilty for not going if you don’t make it that day.

Instead, say to yourself….”I would enjoy going to the gym today, but if I don’t make it today, it’s no big deal, tomorrow’s a new day.” Trust me when I say, you are more likely to actually go to the gym that day, with the thought of “I’d enjoy going to the gym today” rather than “I should go to the gym today”.

How we speak to ourselves and frame our thoughts really does matter. The words we choose to use and how we use them will determine how our days go, both physically (going to the gym) and how we feel throughout the day.

For me, just saying the word “should” to myself makes me want to do the opposite! “I should go to the gym today” or “I shouldn’t go home and drink wine after work”…..guess what I’m doing after work today??

Stop Shoulding

As we are now 10 days into the New Year of 2018….there is no time like the present to stop shoulding yourself. Make 2018 the year you rid yourself of “should”.




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An adaptogen is “a nontoxic substance and especially a plant extract that is held to increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning” Merriam Webster.

Brendon Burchard

Stress runs rampant in our society. While I believe that we can avoid and mitigate (re-frame our thoughts/change our perspective/change our reactions) stress; some stress we cannot. We are constantly under states of stress that we weren’t 200 years ago. For example: me sitting under fluorescent lights in front of my computer all day at work is stressful on my body.

I think that everyone living in the modern world should take adaptogens. Including adaptogens in my daily routine has changed my life! It is not like a sleeping pill, you cannot take adaptogens one time and your stress response is magically fantastic; you need to consistently take them over time to really reap the benefits. I like to rotate the adaptogens I use.

Here are some of my favorite products:

Side Note: As with most things, quality does matter. You will get what you pay for.

Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple does a fine job discussing some adaptogens in the 4 articles below:

  1. Adaptogen Effects: American and Asian Ginseng
  2. More on Adaptogens: Ashwagandha, Astragalus, and Holy Basil
  3. Adaptogens: Maca Root, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and Schisandra
  4. Two Final (and Favorite) Adaptogens: Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa Monnieri

Check out my post: Adrenals & Cordyceps

I also like MommyPotamus’ article The Beginner’s Guide to Adaptogens For Adrenal Support

I hope that you give adaptogens a try. If you do, leave me a comment and tell me all about it.


Tips for Enjoying the Holidays


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As I’m writing this post, today is November 1st. Wow how this year has flown by! It is that time of year again; we are quickly approaching the holidays. There are mixed feelings about the holidays out there….some love them, some feel overwhelmed and stressed out by them, some flat out dislike them. I personally have a blend of the three feelings about them at various times. But mostly I tend to really enjoy them. I’m going to give you my tips for enjoying the holidays.

The first two tips are pretty equal in importance for enjoying the holidays.

No. 1 – Let go of expectations

No. 2 – Let go of guilt

Let me break it down for ya…..


Expectations will make or break you (not just in this scenario). Let go of preconceived, probably unrealistic, expectations you have of other people. Not putting your expectations of people and situations on to other people will allow the situation to unfold naturally and allow people to be themselves (despite whether you like them as themselves or not, they still are who they are). Set your mind to the fact that people are going to be who they are and know going into it that is what is going to happen and you are going to roll with it and laugh about it. You cannot control people and things outside of you. The only thing you are in control of is you, how you react to situations and people, your attitude, and your perspective. This advice is coming from a recovering control freak, so I know it is possible. If you do not think you are capable of doing this, I’d suggest avoiding the people you find difficult to be around.

No guilt!

Here’s the thing….you cannot be everything all the time to everyone. Anyone who expects that of you is unrealistic and unreasonable. You have the right to say “no”. Particularly during the holidays folks find it difficult to say no. My suggestion is to get really comfortable with say no to people, requests, and activities. You do not have to do them all and you do not have to feel guilty about it. It’s your time and you should spend it however it serves your mental health best.

Now….saying that….this is not a license to be a selfish butt-head. Let’s not do that. But it is a license to protect your time, energy, and sanity against completely unpleasant situations and people. Spend your time with the family and friends you want to spend time with.

Those are the two biggest things that will make the biggest difference for enjoying the holidays.

No. 3 – Plan, Plan, Plan / Be Prepared, Be Prepared, Be Prepared

A well-laid plan and ample preparation will alleviate stress. Even if everything doesn’t go perfectly according to plan….you are prepared!

Now….this one can be difficult for the Type B personality. BUT for us Type As over-planning can create as much stress as not planning at all! Catch-22, I know. Here is what I suggest….

  • Write your obligations on a calendar (paper or electronic) so you can see what you have already committed to. I prefer electronic because I can set reminders and share it with people.
  • As new invitations arise look at the calendar and determine if you have the time and energy to add it; if you do….then do….if you need to switch out one commitment for another…do that. If you need or want to say “No” do that.
  • Figure out what each commitment on the calendar will require of you (travel time and distance, do you need to make or take food with you, etc.) and plan ahead.
    • Buying something to take with you, takes less time than making something yourself. That is what restaurants were designed for!
    • Buy gifts and anything else you can online and have it delivered to your house to save you time and energy.

I highly suggest NOT over booking.

Allow yourself and family time to rest and recover. Rule of thumb, only say yes to one event per weekend. If that isn’t possible for you, then only say yes to one event per day per weekend. If you work full-time (home or office), I usually try and stick to the only one event during the week rule, if any at all.


Take Care of Yourself

I think that people, mostly parents, primarily women fall into doing for others before or instead of taking care of their needs. Stop that! Don’t spread yourself too thin. Taking care of yourself and your mental and physical health is so important. Not only for you, but for those around you. Saying “no” is a good step in this direction.

Take time to have a quite shower or bath. Take time to sit down….rest….watch a show, read a book, listen to music on the patio, or take a nap. If you need to be outside the house to take care of yourself, leave! Turn off your phone….go get a beverage and walk around Hobby Lobby or Target, go walk at a park and listen to a good podcast, read a book in a coffee shop or in a park, get a mani/pedi, go see a movie by yourself or with a girlfriend. Slow down and take some time give to yourself. Check out my self-care post here: What is Self-Care to you?

I think it is more than this….it is also keeping with your movement routine (walks, gym time, workouts) and eating healthy nutritious foods. You don’t have to be perfect! Below are some of my other posts you may find helpful.

Keep yourself physically well during this time. Prioritize sleep.

Here are some of my favorite products that I use daily to keep my immune system healthy and some that I use only if or when I’m feeling like I’m getting sick.

I hope and pray that you stay healthy, happy, and well during a time of year that a lot of folks breakdown emotionally and physically. I hope you find my tips helpful for you to enjoy your holiday season more.

Bring on the holidays!

Next up…..Thanksgiving!


Recipe: All-In-One-Meal – Chili


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I waited for our first cool-front of the year in the Houston, TX area and seized the day by making a big-ole pot of chili to watch football with friends. Go Texans!

Not Vegetarian Friendly / Not Really Paleo (cause Beer)


  • 1lb of bacon diced (peppered bacon is the best)
  • 1 Medium white onion diced
  • ½ Medium purple onion
  • 4 Cloves of garlic diced small
  • 1 Green bell pepper diced
  • 1 Red bell pepper diced
  • 2lb of ground meat (any combo of beef, bison, elk, venison)
  • 5 Shiner bock or beer of choice (2 for long cook time)
  • 2 Cans fire roasted tomato
  • 1 Can tomato sauce
  • 1 Poblano Pepper
  • 1–2 Jalapeños (to taste, optional)


  • Salt (liberal)
  • Black pepper (liberal)
  • Garlic powder (liberal)
  • ¼ tsp Cayenne pepper
  • ¼ – ½ tsp Crushed red pepper
  • 2 tsp Cumin
  • 1/4 Cup chili powder


Cut bacon in ¾” pieces, place in the pot and sprinkle with garlic powder, cook until crispy, and set aside to drain on napkins.


Use bacon grease to sauté onion and bell peppers with salt, black pepper, and garlic powder, until soft and brown.

Use a small amount of beer to deglaze the pot.

Add in fresh minced garlic cloves. Allow liquid to fully evaporate off.


Grill the poblano and jalapeño peppers on high-heat for approximately 10 minutes to get a nice dark char and blistering on the skin, then place in a bowl and cover with saranwrap to steam for approximately 5 minutes.

Pabalano & Jap

Add in ground meat and season with salt, crushed red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder.

Once the peppers are steamed, remove from bowl, open up the pepper and lay flat on a chopping board, scrape off the charred outside and skin, turn over and remove the veins and seeds. Then mince the peppers and add to the meat mixture.

Once the meat is browned, add in cumin and chili powder and mix until spices are evenly distributed.

Chili Seasonings

Pour in the rest of the beer.

Add both cans of fire roasted tomatoes and tomato sauce. Season with a little more garlic powder, salt, and black pepper. Stir well.

Add in the previously cooked bacon. Stir well.

Allow for a minimum of 1.5 – 2 hours simmer time; the longer the better.

Ratios to be aware of when making multiples of this recipe:

  • 1lb of bacon for every 2lbs of ground meat
  • ¼ Cup of chili powder to 2 tsp of cumin
  • 1 can of beer for each recipe or for every 3 hours of cook time.

The key is to build the flavors with each layer, do not be afraid to season each ingredient as it is added to the pot. Don’t get in a hurry, all good things takes time and patience.

Serve w/ options of: Corn Chips, Sharp Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, and/or Finely Diced Green Onions

Side Notes: The pictures used in this post is a double batch of the recipe. I used venison and elk meat this time. I have to say, the flavor of elk meat makes chili, spaghetti sauce, and burgers so delicious! I made the chili in a pot on Saturday and simmered it for about 90 minutes, then allowed it to cool, then transferred it to my large crock-pot and placed it in the fridge overnight. Allowing it to either simmer for a really long time or sitting overnight really sets in the flavors. Sunday morning I warmed up the crock-pot bowl in warm water before placing it in the warming part of the crock-pot (dry the bowl before placing in the warming part). Cooked it on high for 2 hours to get it nice and hot, then reduced to low for 2 hours to continue to simmer, and then down to the Warm mode.

I was told this is my best chili yet! I hope you give it a try and think so too!

3 Easy Swaps to Improve Your Health


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I find that making healthier option swaps for foods prevents me from feeling deprived and helps me to feel nourished at the same time. Swaps are the easiest place to start when making moves towards healthier foods and nutritious lifestyle.

The first and easiest place to start making swaps are in the foods that you use and eat every day, like the oils and fats, sweeteners, and carbohydrates. Bonus is that these swaps will not costs you much more than you spend already.

In Order of Importance….3 Easy Swaps for Big Positive Health Improvements

#1 Oils & Fats – Just say no to man-made highly processed oils.



  • Seed oils: Corn, Canola (or Rapeseed) Vegetable, Soybean, Grapeseed, Sunflower, Safflower, Rice bran
  • Crisco or other Shortening made from any of the above
  • Margarine or “butter-like” products
  • Traditional Mayo
  • Traditional Salad Dressings

Side Note: When you eat out at restaurants you will be exposed to mostly the oils on the “Remove” list that is not healthy for your body and creates inflammation in your body. But I still eat out fairly frequently, so I keep to the ones below when eating at home.

Healthy Swaps:

#2 Sweeteners



  • Equal, Nutra-Sweet, Sweet’N Low, Truvia, Sun Crystals, Splenda
  • Agave (mostly Fructose), Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup


Healthy Swaps: Organic

#3 Starchy Carbohydrate Sources

Remove: Boxes and Bags

  • Traditional Potato Chips
  • Traditional Crackers
  • Breads and Tortillas


Healthy Swaps: Whole Food Carb Options

  • All the Organic Potatoes and Yams
  • All the Organic Rice (I use Lundberg Farms) (Side note: organic rice is important, because conventional rice is known for having arsenic in it and who knows what other pesticides.)
  • Squashes (Butternut, Winter, Spaghetti, Pumpkin)
  • Root Veggies: Parsnips, Carrots, Turnips, Beets
  • Plantains

Treat Bag Carbs:

Diane Sanfilippo has FREE 1-page tear out guides from her fantastic book Practical Paleo that goes into more detail about these three swaps and many others.

Thrive Market

I highly encourage you to Sign-up for Thrive Market.

Thrive Market allows you to shop for all the healthy food items you know and love at discount prices, because they cut out the middle man, and it gets delivered to your door so it also saves you time. Not only to you save money, but for every paid membership Thrive Gives a membership to a family in need.

The second best part, aside from saving money, is that all your favorite pantry items will be delivered to your door and you don’t have to go to stores which also saves you time and energy. And who can’t use more money, time, energy?!?!

Side Note: Many to all of these products can also be found at various grocery stores near you: HEB, Kroger, Whole Foods, Sprouts – but it may cost you more money, time, and energy…

“What the Health” Documentary – Don’t Take It at Face-Value

Several people have come to me since the “What the Health” documentary came out to discuss and ask questions about it. I am sharing lots of resources for you to read and listen to and to use your critical thinking skills on, as well as some of my personal thoughts.

When reading this post keep in mind my POV:

  • I believe in eating real whole foods.
  • I believe in eating lots-o-vegetables and fruit.
  • I believe in sourcing the best and highest quality of food (particularly meat, eggs, and milk) possible.
  • I believe in voting with your dollar.

I believe that big agriculture, factory farming, and big government have done the American people (and others we provide food for) and the planet a massive disservice. This may not have been the intention, but has been the result nonetheless. Anyone who does not tie all three of those groups together is already someone not to listen to.

I highly suggest you take the time to educate yourself….read, research, be informed from all sides, use critical thinking and common sense to drive your thoughts, opinions, and actions – do not just believe any deplorable, extreme video, article, book, or documentary that someone decides to put out there.

Reviews and Articles by Other Real Food POV People to Read:

There are articles that have been written as though “What the Health” documentary is pure fact. I did take the time to read some of them. The fact is that what they say and the statistics they spout are not pure fact. If you read What the Health: A Wolf’s Eye View alone will debunk the majority of them. If you only read one of the articles linked above, read that one.

Side Note: Please watch documentaries with a discerning eye.

ByCandace Blog Posts to Read:

Books to Read:

Podcasts to Listen to:

Sustainability Websites:

My Personal Choices

I do my best to not support with my dollar factory farmed (conventionally raised) foods, particularly meat and eggs. I do my best to not purchase GMO foods. I do my best to sources grass-fed and finished beef, bison, and pork; wild-caught fish and seafood; and organic vegetables from local farms. If you buy quality foods from farmers who are running their animals and growing produce on the same land all the better for the environment. If you purchase food from local farms you can reduce the carbon footprint; the food doesn’t have to travel far. Buy local and buy in-season. I’m not perfect in this endeavor, but I put forth a valiant effort.

Side Note: You can do these things on a budget! You have to put forth some effort to do it.

My Opinion


The extremism of the documentary “What the Health” is a big red flag that should pop-up in your mind when you watch it.

  • The documentary is fear-mongering and propaganda.

I agree that there is “collusion and corruption in the government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick”. I do not agree with “What the Health’s” solutions to these issues.

  • If you go to their webpage and take-a-gander, you will find that these folks are trying to make money off of creating fear in people. I see the selling DVDs, a Cookbook, a Companion Book, a T-Shirt, and a Meal Planner. Give me a break people! Boooo on you!
  • It would truly be amazed if the makers of this documentary have ever taken a physiology or human biology class…or read any books, journals, or non-biased studies on their own that was to the contrary opinion. It is easy to see what you want to see when you are only looking at things that agree with your opinion.

They list off a boat-load of modern western diseases, all of which is associated inflammation. Nothing causes inflammation faster in the body than grains, processed grain products, sugar, alcohol, vegetable oils, trans fats, fried foods, fast food, conventionally raised diary, and artificial sweeteners. In addition to….yep….grain-fed meats and processed meats (in the factory meat farms). If you notice, all of the things listed are products of man….not real whole unadulterated food.

It is no secret that these foods will make you sick! So why all the hype?

Vote with Your Dollar

Nothing will change the face of our food landscape like withdrawing our money from “the system”. The other thing I agree with is…that drastic measures need to be taken or we are going to end up in the gutter…..broke…with lots of sick people and no “sick-care” in sight to put a band-aid on it.

On repeat….source your food locally, seasonally, organic, grass-fed, grass-finished, pastured, and raw. Source as close to how and where it fell off the tree, grew out of the ground, raised and ethically slaughtered. Your food should spoil and need refrigeration or the freezer.

Please take the time read through my other posts listed and linked to above for more information, as well as the others that I’ve linked to.

It’s Been About 2 Months


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I can’t believe it has been about 2 months since I’ve posted anything. Time flies. So much life has been going on that I just haven’t….

The weekend of 08/11 – 08/13 me, my husband, my sister, and her boyfriend went to a place called The Retreat at Artesian Lakes.

The incident(s) in Charlottesville happened…..sooooo that was time consuming, distracting, and infuriating to say the least. I could write a dissertation on this subject, but let me leave it at “People-Be-Crazy!”.

People Be Crazy

Then Hurricane Harvey hit Houston! We were one of the few super fortunate that did not get water into our house.

I worked for a month from home because my office building flooded again this year; it also flooded in the 2016 Memorial Day flood.

My little dog loooooved having me home all day.

Then I found out that Don Williams died 09/08! WHAT?!?!? His voice is like butter!

My husband and I crashed my Aunt’s house party on 09/10 cause…..chicken fried steak and black berry cobbler.

Then….Hurricane Irma hit!

Aaaaand there was all this….too….fires….

Natural Desasters

My friend Meagan and I went to the 50th Annual Fall Antique Fair in Round Top, TX the weekend of 09/29 – 10/01.

Then mix in a full-time job, birthdays, and brunches….aaaand we basically arrive at today. As you can see….LIFE….good stuff, scary stuff, bad stuff, more good stuff…..LIFE.

I hope to have more to share soon….