I was listening to a couple of interviews recently that were discussing people’s inability to making lasting changes / modification to their behaviors despite their desire to do so….this got me thinking….

Think About What You Want, Not About What You Do Not Want

Wanting to do something or achieve something – just having the desire to do it, regardless of how much you want it isn’t enough to drive the result of a change to occur.

I think to myself sometimes that I really really badly want something to happen in my life, but struggle to do what I need to do to make that change a reality. Why?

Our brains do not understand negatives. If you think to yourself “I do not want to eat cookies or chips this week” you’ve just put the picture of cooking or chips into your brain. Your brain say “yes, cookies or chips” and that is what you then think about and crave despite your desire to not eat them.

Solution: Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, change your thoughts to what you do want. “I want to eat apples this week.” “I want to eat carrots.” Then your brain will focus on what you do want.

Negative Self-Talk

This sorta thing is also very helpful with negative self-talk. I struggle with negative self-talk. The first step is the awareness of when you are doing it. If you can catch yourself in the act or even after the thought, then you can change the conversation in your mind.

Solution: Stop the thought or right after the thought. Tell yourself the opposite of what your negative thought was.

The Power of Your Brain

There is real power in what you think about and what you believe. If you believe in yourself, what you want, know that you deserve what you want, and make steps towards what you want despite adversity (because you believe in yourself) you are more likely to actually obtain what you want.

Your power for change is held in your beliefs….by the thoughts in your brain. Change the conversation; just remember, your brain believes what you tell it.

This practice is not easy, but it is possible…..start today.