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I just received an Instagram notification that a male fitness coach “started following” me….I always go and check out the people following me to make sure I want them to be following me and “block” accordingly. This guy…while on the surface level seems legit….as I went through his page – it was lots of pictures of him and his abs, with his dog, surfing, etc. I didn’t see one woman on his page, not one! WHAT!?

There are a TON of men in the fitness coaching world…..not knocking the guys really….but they have no clue what it is to live and work out in a woman’s body.

As I watch and read the women in the fitness coaching world there truly aren’t that many that I would trust my mother, sister, or other family to. There is still too much dogmatism, wrong information, and disordered eating and exercising advise being spread out there. It is scary!

Below are some of the fitness folks that I recommend that my ladies get to know. Keeping in mind that no one is perfect in their approach to everything so please use a discerning mind.

The Women I Trust

  1. Girls Gone Strong
  2. Jen Sinkler
  3. The Girl with the Butter
  4. Steph Gaudreau
  5. Jen Heward
  6. Gauge Girl Training
  7. Jen Widerstrom


There is a fantastic FREE online summit starting TODAY, Monday, 05/15 – Sunday, 05/21 called the Women’s Strength Summit. I listen to the interviews while I work. I highly suggest this summit; this is the 2nd time they have done it. The last one was fantastic!