Logically I know that I shouldn’t engage with haters, because it is a fruitless effort……but since this is my very first one….I figured I’d publicly respond in hopes to avoid this type of thing later.

Below is a comment that I received in response to my “Get to Know Your Coffee” post.


In Response

Hi MinaMac,

Thank you for taking an interest in my blog site. Each blogger has a specific audience, perhaps you are not mine and found yourself on my page by mistake? Feel free to not come to my page and read nor comment. My page is my outlet to disseminate information that I find important and helpful to those who want it. If you do not find my information valuable, again feel free not to come and read my page.

You wrongly assumed that I am not or have not ever been financially distressed. You are also assuming that I do not shop at regular stores for my food, which you are wrong again.

We each do the best that we can when and while we are able. When people find themselves in financially trying times, my advice is to make the appropriate trade-offs within their budgets that still allow them to put their health as a top priority.

If that means that people cannot afford coffee that has not been sprayed with pesticides that poison their body, then perhaps they should not buy coffee or trade it for something that is more in line with their budget. For example, you can buy lots of lemons and raw honey and drink warm lemon honey water every morning instead of coffee. Just because someone doesn’t have a lot of money doesn’t give them an excuse to not prioritize their health, particularly if they are single parents.

An example of a trade-off I’m currently making: I have chosen to not purchase manicures and pedicures nor get my hair done in 8 months because I am choosing to reallocate my funds to my food and supplements that promote my health.

There are plenty of whole food health bloggers out on the web that focus on budget friendly options that still prioritize health. You do not have to have a lot of money to choose health.

Side Note: It’s not a practice of mine to get online and hate on others. While my blog site is public, if you feel the need to post negative comments that you wouldn’t otherwise say in-person, think twice; it demonstrates a tremendous amount about who you are and what your character is.

Proverbs 23 7