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I believe with all my heart that if people in leadership were focused less on making money and more on doing the right thing the “healthcare” system reform our country so desperately needs would come to fruition. Unfortunately for us…that is not the case.

While once upon a time, I do believe that it was not the intention of people in leadership (aka: government) to screw-up “healthcare”….it now is and has been for a long while.

In my opinion, the federal government has no place and no business regulating and profiting from “healthcare” in this country. I remind you that the federal government was developed to do three things only: 1) govern foreign affairs, 2) conduct war, and 3) regulate currency” (http://www.history.com/topics/constitution). My personal belief is that…we need to break-off “healthcare” and big-pharma from the government placing them into a free enterprise system.

It has been a while since I was in high school….so just as a reminder…”free enterprise is a type of economy where products, prices, and services are determined by the market, not the government. It’s capitalism, not communism……prices go up and down because of supply and demand. Private companies compete for profit without government interference” (https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/free%20enterprise).

I do know that while our “healthcare” system, I call it our sick-care system, is fantastic at acute emergency care…it really really sucks at long-term HEALTH care. The word ‘healthcare’ implies that the system promotes and encourages health. In its current model it doesn’t.

The word “doctor” from its Lain root doc(ēre) means “to teach”. It wasn’t too very long ago that doctors would travel around helping people and teaching people….providing care for people. That isn’t the case these days for sure; the government created system won’t allow it! Doctors are forced to spend approximately 10 minutes (if you are lucky) with each patient and prescribe the latest and greatest drugs that the FDA approved for whatever symptom the patient comes in with or run the risk of losing their license to do business (I can’t even say the word ‘practice medicine’ anymore).

The system is broken and the people of this country are suffering for it. Yet all most people do is complain about it, most people don’t actually do anything. It is a large problem…very overwhelming for the average person to take on. What we have is the Federal Government, Medical Insurance Companies, Big Farma, and the FDA calling the shots, making tons of money while holding our doctors hostage and watching the citizens of this country get sicker and sicker. By the way, this is also where food subsidies comes in, but that is a whole other rabbit hole.

Where is the justice? It will take an uprising to change this big money-making-machine! Is this likely? No. Is it possible? Yes.

I am fortunate to have found (through hours and hours of research) a relatively progressive thinking primary care physician that as actually tested me for nutrient deficiencies and “prescribed” vitamins to me. I currently choose to pay a $225.00 annual fee (per person) to my doctor that allows her to provide medical insurance to her staff and it also allows her the ability to spend 30 minutes with me each time I visit her. I also work with a functional medicine doctor who is also a nutritionist and chiropractor. Most of her services are outside of medical insurance coverage, because the medical insurance providers somehow get to dictate to me what services I need for the money I pay them. She is my true health care….identifying the root-cause of the symptoms I have, not just managing or covering-up the symptom. Be aware that making a symptom go away doesn’t make what is causing the symptom go away.

This is where self accountability comes in. Vote with your dollar. Doing what you need to do to make and keep your body healthy so you are not fully dependent on this broken down sick-care system.

I know how difficult it is; I am presently dependent on the system. My body isn’t fully healthy. You can bet I’m working on it. I’m spending my money and effort where it matters most. I’m doing everything I can to give my body what it needs to heal itself. Our bodies are created to heal and regenerate. What a glorious creation we are.

The sick-care system isn’t going to fix itself. I do not think that we can rely on our government to do what is our best interest. We have to take responsibility for our part in the system and our part in our own health or lack thereof. Do what you need to do for your body to be healthy.

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