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Last Week To-Dos

The last week before a trip can be nerve-wracking for some. That is why planning ahead of time is so useful.

Avoiding Altitude Sickness

Since we are traveling to the mountains (aprox. 6,225 ft) from basically sea-level (124 ft), taking some precautions against altitude sickness is advised. Even though they say most altitude sickness occurs when over 10,000 ft. The week before and particularly the 3 day prior to leaving it is important to be hydrated. The use of electrolyte tabs (pictured below) before and during the trip is helpful. I will also have Sea Bands and essential oils to help with nausea, if needed. Making sure that you are not anemic before traveling to the mountains is helpful, since red blood cells carry oxygen in the body; eat red meat, fish, take B-vitamin complex and folate. I purchased a chlorophyll product to also help with altitude acclimation and increased oxygen for the body (pictured below). Oxygen is key to feeling good when in the mountains, breathe deeply, eat lemons, watermelon, berries, mango, grapes, blueberries, chlorophyll (all the green foods), and vitamin A.

Ziploc Bags

Early in the week purchase a box of gallon sized Ziploc bags for all toiletries; the pressure on the plane can make them open or explode in your suit case. I like to put like items with like items, aka: face cleansing products all in one, hair products in one, shampoo and container in one, lotion and sunscreen in one, hair ties and brush in one….etc. This technique is also very helpful for when you arrive, because all the stuff you need is together in one place and easy to grab and find what you are looking for. The zip-lock bag concept is super helpful for your carry-ons (backpack or purse) and going through security; pull out the zip-lock bag(s), go through, put them back in, and walk-on!

Speaking of walking-on……

Airport / Plane Outfit & Shoes

I frequently see the media posting about a celebrities cute travel outfit. I’m not sure that most of these are reasonable for the average person.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone through airport security and regretted my shoe choice.

Since we are still required to remove our shoes going through security, despite the invasive full body scan, I think that it is important to wear some sort of sock, so that bare feet are not touching the floor….cause yuck! However, the shoe should still be able to slip-on and off quickly so that a long untying and tying process is not required….and comfortable.

  • A comfortable slip-on shoe that can be worn with a sock
  • Or a pair of socks to put on when going through security

Slip-on Shoes

I have been known to bring a pair of socks with me in my purse to put on my feet to go through security and then take back off afterwards. This is a viable option. They are also good to have in case your feet get cold on the plane.

Since there is a lot of moving around and also sitting in tight spaces, I like to wear comfy loose or stretchy pants with a draw string or elastic in the waist (aka: workout pants). I typically go for a soft cotton t-shirt or longer flowing top and have a jacket, if I get cool.

Side Note: While this post is really about the week leading up to leaving, I suggest two weeks prior to leaving that you try on the clothing items you are planning to take, but don’t wear very often to make sure they still fit well and they still have seems and buttons with no stains or holes etc. If you find that they don’t fit well or developed some defect you have time to change outfits or purchase new items to fill those gaps or get them fixed before leaving. Also, take any needed clothes to the dry cleaners so they are picked-up and ready to pack.

Hair, Skin & Nails Prep

I like to wait until just before I leave for a trip to get a manicure and pedicure, certainly the week of the trip. I book my appointment a few weeks out for lunch time the day before we leave.

If you want a fresh color or cut it is also a good idea to do this one or two week before you leave. In both cases, because of the short time line, I suggest using the same people you always use and use the same colors you already know looks good on you.  Now is not the time to “try something new”, because if you don’t like it you’ll be stuck with it (in pictures) until you get back from vacation and or stress yourself out during the last week before you leave trying to fit in a fix, which is no fun.

This week is the week to remember to use your favorite organic sulfur mask to maintain blemish-free skin on vacation. It is also a good time to do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair before you leave.

Travel Foods & Vitamins/Medicines

One day after work, either my husband or I will swing by the store and pick-up the snacks on my list (from my previous post), that I don’t already have from ordering from Thrive Market. It is a great idea to place an order from Thrive Market a couple of weeks ahead of time, to get the benefit of the discounts and having it delivered to your door.

The night before we leave, I’ll stock our pill boxes to put in our suite cases and make sure all medicines are in our carry-on bags.


Zoey 1

Our fur-baby Zoey will be staying at our home during the trip with our fabulous pet-sitter. I will have an updated document for her and have it printed out for her on all things Zoey, since the last time she watched Zoey for us. Before we leave we will make sure to have plenty of baked sweet potato for her to take her medicine in, dental chews, plenty of her medicine, plenty of her food, washed blankets, and washed Zoey. It is important to remember to leave the pet-sitter a key to the house and mailbox, to the alarm system, garage code, along with her money, which requires getting cash out ahead of time.


It is a good idea to make sure that the house-keeper is not scheduled to come during the vacation week. Clean out your refrigerator by week’s end, so you do not come home to rotting stinky food.

Before leaving for a trip it is beneficial to let your banks and credit card companies know that you are traveling that that charges from a specific place will be coming across your accounts, so that they do not cut off your funds thinking there is fraud on the accounts.

If you are traveling internationally, which we aren’t, making sure your phone and data plans cover your travel destination is also a good idea to avoid super large bills or no service.

For safety sake, you may want to consider emailing your itinerary and trip details to a loved one in case of emergency. I know we have the constant contact ability of cell phones, but in cases of real emergencies where a cell phone can get lost or removed (aka: plane crash, car crash, terrorist attack) this extra step can come in handy.

Put cash in your wallet. Only take credit cards you need and will be using. Do not take extra or what you typically keep in your wallet, just in case you lose it or someone takes it.

Night Before You Leave

It probably goes without saying that it is ideal to wash your hair and shave your legs the night before you leave, so you are ret-to-go the next morning with all toiletries and hair dryer etc. packed.

The night before you leave make sure to print multiple copies of your boarding passes. I keep one copy in my pocket and one copy in my backpack. I print multiple copies of my Word document with all the vacation information on it; copies in suit cases and backpacks. Packed bags by the door and clothes laid out for the travel morning.

You need to calculate what time you need to leave the house to allow for plenty of time for transit to the airport, parking (drop a pin where you park and take pictures), check-bags, go through security, get breakfast, and be at the gate by or before boarding time.

The goal is to have a stress-free morning; get up, have coffee, kiss the little dog good-bye, and head to the airport.

Part 5 on the Trip Recap & Experience – Coming Soon!

I will do restaurant reviews and post them on my other site called: Restaurant Reviews – ByCandace.