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The United States of America celebrates our birth as an independent nation on July 4th every year and in commemoration of the Declaration of Independence.

If it has been since middle school or junior high since you’ve read it, now is a good time to read it (click on the link above), and remember where we came from, see where we are, and envision where we are headed.

Modern-Day Celebration

The celebration of this holiday has evolved quite a bit since the late 1700’s and 1800’s. Now days, most of the nation celebrates the national holiday with family and friends near a body of water and most certainly around lots of yummy food and cold beverages.

We are currently near the body of water of Lake Tahoe for our Independence Day celebration.

Beautiful large colorful fireworks display with unrecognizable crowd people watching

Summer Time Celebration Food

When I think of summer holidays, I think of foods and recipes like these:

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I wish for you all a fun, safe, and delicious Independence Day!