Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love food that makes noise when I eat it. I love crunchy food! Nothing is better than chips! I also am a finger-licker. I savor my foods by licking all the goodness left behind. So, Cheetos are naturally a perfect combination for me. I do not want to be a Cheeto though.

What we put into our bodies is what we will get back or get out of our bodies. Putting Cheetos and other “food products” in will eventually result in a body that is nutrient deficient, fat, and sick. Food products in my definition is anything in a box, bag, or can that did not have a mother, did not fall from a tree, or was not pulled from the ground. Food products are man-made food like products that people 200 years ago would not recognize as food. If we want to get the best results from our bodies, good health, and longevity we must put in real whole foods. Foods that have a minimal number of ingredients and are not far from its originally grown state are the best options.

The human body is an extraordinary thing, even when we abuse it to the point of illnesses we can provide it with highly nutrient-dense real foods and our bodies will heal itself. We need to provide our bodies with inputs that it will recognize and know how to utilize. Our quality of life is dependent on how good or bad we feel from day to day. If you are feeling bad, make a choice to make a change.

I realize that change can be daunting. Some people make change by using small steps in the right direction and some people by going all-in; regardless of how you like to make change happen in your life the key is to start. Do not let fear hold you back, let fear drive you towards the change you want.

We all can do better than we did yesterday. Remind yourself each day – ‘it’s your health’. The choice is yours. Are you going to choose to be a Cheeto??