The recipes that I use and I share with you are not originals; honestly I am not sure there is such thing as original anymore…..anyway….

I try my best to be cost effective, so I attempt to use ingredients that can be used in multiple recipes and that last a long time. I like to use quick and easy recipes to save time, since none of have a lot of that these days.

Skin Toner

Toner is not just for your face and neck. It can also be used on your chest and armpits post shaving.

I have played around with toners; here is what I have learned. I like to make a small batch using three or four of the travel size (airplane approved) bottles. I put one in my bathroom and store the others in the refrigerator until I need them. If you have just one bigger bottle you want to use go for it.

If you have time to brew tea – Chamomile tea is a nice base for skin toner. Make sure to let it cool down before mixing it up in a recipe.


If you want to be super fast you can use Aloe Vera Juice as your base instead of tea. I do not use the “good stuff” for this.


Pour approximately 2/3 of the bottle(s) full of the base of your choice.

If I am not in a hurry when I make this I might add a little less of the base liquid and add a little bit of Witch Hazel. I use approximately 1/8 of the bottle(s). If you have dry skin I would skip the Witch Hazel.


The magic ingredient is non-filtered Apple Cider Vinegar.


Then pour 1/3 of the bottle(s) up with the non-filtered Apple Cider Vinegar.

The measuring for this is not an exact science. I do not even measure anything; I eye-ball it.

A note to think about: my husband calls this “stinky face”. He does not like the smell of vinegar. I personally do not mind it. The smell fades when it dries and you put moisturizer on over it.

I have been using this toner for a very long time and I love it. I hope you do as well.