What we do not put on our skin is very important. Our skin absorbs what is placed on it. I have slowly switched to organic and non-toxic skin care products. Some products I have found are much less expensive and easy for me to make myself. This also is a comfort that I know exactly what I am putting on my skin.

Body Moisturizer


Since it is winter time I like to warm my coconut oil slightly so it melts. It does not take much heat to do this, I do not like to warm it very hot. During summer months it is usually warm enough in the house that the coconut oil softens and is easily mixed with the essential oils without heating in a pot.

The amount of oil you use will depend on the size of the jar you use. I prefer to use a shallow wide-mouth jar so it is easy to get out and you can easily reach the bottom of the jar and none goes to waste.


For my body I like to use a little bit of lavender and eucalyptus oil. I do not measure, I just shake a little out. Then I use about twice as much of the grapefruit and lemongrass oil. This combo makes you smell delicious and is good for the skin.


Stir it around till mixed thoroughly and pour it up in a glass jar with a lid. Once it cools down the coconut oil will solidify. When it comes time to use, I just scoop some out with my fingers and it will melt in your hands and rub it into the skin.

NOTE: I got the idea for this recipe from http://draxe.com/grapefruit-cellulite-cream/ – however I like add several different essential oils that is also good for the skin other than just grapefruit oil.