The other day I heard someone talking about a family member who was ill with a cold or flu or something like that. The the person said something to the effect of “it gets harder and harder to fight-off and recover from” the cold or flu “the older you get/are”.

It took everything I had inside of me to not interject my opinion on what the person had said.

Let’s talk perspective for a second….it is true that it seems like the older people get the easier it is to get sick and the more difficult it is to get well.

What’s age have to do with it?!?


Regardless of your age….young, teenage, middle aged, retirement age, twilight-years….if your body is in less than optimal health/poor health you will get sick often and have a difficult time recovering from illnesses. If your body is healthy you will not get sick often and when or if you do you will recover quickly.

This is not a state of age, it is a state of the health of your body.

It is NOT a given that as you age you have to resign to being unhealthy and wasting away.

I am getting into my middle aged years and the idea of muscle loss, posture loss, health and immune system loss is scary to me. I want to be old and healthy and strong. I want to wipe all my parts myself util I die.

If you are like me, you are interested in longevity and quality of life through he twilight-years. You can be healthy and strong!


You have to eat nutrient-dense foods, quality foods, quality water, have a healthy gut and digestion, support your immune system, support your brain health, walk during the day, exercise the right way (aka: sprints and lifting weights), mitigate stress, get quality sleep, spend time with those you love…having community with others.

Your body is one machine, all your systems are intertwine together, treat it as such when dealing with your health. Your body is a miraculous machine that wants to survive and thrive. Your body will heal itself and be healthy if you give it the inputs to match the outputs you want.

Do not resign to what society tells you will happen to you as you age.

Live long, live well, be healthy!