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I listed to a podcast this week by Balanced Bites called Kale vs. Cow with Diana Rodgers. This is a great podcast, please give it an attentive listen all the way to the end.

  1. Introducing our guest, Diana Rodgers [1:47]
  2. Kale versus Cow documentary [3:00]
  3. Emotion and humanity [10:16]
  4. Biodiversity and greenhouse gases [18:24]
  5. Ethics and intent [25:52]
  6. Food as a religion [34:49]
  7. About the documentary [42:02]

Diana Rodgers has devoted herself to all things that promote sustainability. There have been many one-sided documentaries that have come out as of late that are pure fallacy and biased statistics. Here are my thoughts on one of them in particular. She has taken it upon herself to create a documentary that is based on science and the truth of what animals do for the health of our soil and planet. Here is a link to her Kale vs. Cow the Case for Better Meat page. There are lots of fantastic resource links at the bottom of this page, I highly suggest you check out.

I am so excited about this documentary, as I trust her and know that she will provide accurate and truthful information. As her slogan goes: “It’s Not the COW, It’s the HOW”. Meaning that it isn’t the growing and eating of cows that is the problem it is HOW of the raising of the cows that is the problem.

Diana just put out a new post called: Make America GRAZE Again! It is full of fantastic information and videos.

Diana is on a roll! Her new post called: It’s Not the Cow, it’s the How: New Study Shows Grass-fed Beef Can be a Carbon Sink talks about a new study proving that by using better grazing techniques, farmers are able to “produce healthier cattle and regenerate soils”.

More and more people I know are choosing to eat Vegan. I am greatly concerned about their long-term health, because of this choice. People naively think that eating Vegan is “saving the animals” and is healthy for their body long-term.

Keep in mind that I do believe that eating lots of organic vegetables and fruit, nuts, seed etc. is very healthy for your body. Here are more of my thoughts on this subject.

I also believe that supporting the operations of factory farming practices is not a great choice. You do not have to become Vegan to not support these destructive practices. You just need to source better quality meat. Here is one of many posts that lists Quality Food Sources. The best part is that our bodies don’t need as much high-quality meat to be healthy, which is also more economical. So, you will be eating less meat and still getting the health benefits from it as well as supporting a soil and planet restoration way of growing animals and plants.

What most vegetarians and vegans fail to realize or admit is that not only are they still killing thousands animals and their habitats through the mass factory farming practices of growing vegetables and fruits, but also poising the planet, animals, and ourselves through the herbicides, pesticides, and transportation of these vegetables and fruits. The monocrop (definition: Monocropping is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land, in the absence of rotation through other crops or growing multiple crops on the same land (polyculture). Corn, soybeans, and wheat are three common crops often grown using monocropping techniques.) growing practice is also a huge issue for the same reasons provided above, plus they are typically GMO products and hugely subsidized by the government.

The majority of vegans and vegetarians, I know, also eat a ton of processed foods, made with products from the monocrops. Eating vegetables and fruits out of season that are transported hundreds if not thousands of miles. Neither of these things are healthy for the planet nor to animals and I think not healthy for our bodies either.

I love Diana Rodger’s book The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook; perhaps this book will help my vegetarian and vegan friends learn to grow their own vegetables and fruits and maybe animals too.

If you are like me and are concerned about animals and the health of our planet, it is up to you to be fully informed to use your discernment and not believe everything that you are fed (pun intended).

Let’s go to the source, quite literally, the Bible (thus God) says that He gave us every moving things that lives to be food, just as He gave us green plants. God’s intention was for us to grow and eat animals. He wouldn’t have told us to do this, if it were unhealthy for us or the plant. While I found some of what is in this book to be a bit extreme, I love the history and ideas behind it; check out The Maker’s Diet.

I wish all my people well regardless of how you choose to eat. I pray each of you to be healthy and have life-long vitality.