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Throughout my many readings during the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of articles around the idea of motivation. How to stay motivated. How to get motivated.

Do you think to yourself that you can achieve a specific goal if you could just get motivated? Or just stay motivated?

If so, this post is for you.

I know the feeling all-to-well of not feeling motivated to physically do something; even if it is something that I want to do or want to enjoy the benefits of after said thing is done.

So, what’s the issue? Why is there a struggle to do “it”?

It is not about motivation….not the way that we typically think of motivation or the lack thereof preventing us from achieving something that we want.

The Nitty-Gritty

You do not need motivation. You need discipline.

Naturally it isn’t quite a simple as that. Discipline isn’t easy.

Find your Why

If you want something bad enough you will prioritize your life and choices to achieve what you want. If you do not make that goal a priority then you do not want it bad enough. Perhaps the timing for achieving that goal is off and going after that goal at a later date may be a better option for you.

Ask yourself why you want the goal. Then ask yourself why 4 more times to each answer you give yourself. If your why answers are strong enough and you are attached to the answers, then the why will drive you / motivate you to make the necessary actions to make the goal a priority in your life.


Take Action

If your why is strong and your goal is a priority, then you develop an action plan to reach your goal. You will create discipline around those actions because you will be driven by your why. You will go do your action steps regardless of if you feel like doing them or not, because you are intrinsically driven to do it.


Do not allow your feelings and excuse of “not feeling motivated to” prevent or derail you from the action steps you created. If you are feeling a lack of motivation, I encourage you to determine if your goal is a real priority to you and your life at that time.

If not, fine; readdress the goal at a later time. Make a different goal that is a priority to you now.

If so, then go back through the “find your why” questions and re-prioritize your life in such a way that will allow you stay on-track towards achieving your goal.

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