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It has been since 2015 since I’ve written about fashion (see Part 1 by clicking on this link), but now is a good time to bring it up again.

I take walks around my office campus a couple of times a day, as part of my daily movement commitment to myself. On these walks I see people, different types of people (gender, race, cultural background, etc.) with all different body types.

What I notice is that a lot of people are, in my opinion, not dressing correctly for their body type to look the best their body can look, regardless of height, weight or body-fat levels.

Here are some of my thoughts and guidelines to consider when shopping for clothes and getting dressed.

#1 – Not everyone is built to look their best in low-rise pants.

I actually want to say that most people are not built to look their best in low-rise pants. The fashion powers-that-be made a mistake in popularizing this trend to main-stream shoppers.

This trend often will make people’s (they have low-rise pants for men! WHAT?!?!) proportions between the legs and torso look out-of-whak. The same goes for high-waist pants; they aren’t for everyone….but generally a better option than low-rise.

My Suggestion: Buy and wear mid-rise pants. A mid-rise pant will hit just under or at the bellybutton. Mid-rise pants tend to be most flattering on the majority of body shapes. I personally think they are the most comfortable rise option.

#2 – Ill-fitting shirts.

I see men and women alike wearing shirts that are too small. They stretch, crease, and wrinkle across the chest and back looking uncomfortable and unattractive. Buttons pulled apart etc.  Let’s also touch on shirts that are too short (not on purpose, not talking crop-tops here) that allow your goodies to show. Typically the shirt is old and has shrunk over time through the washing and drying process.

My Suggestion: Please throw these shirts out and get new ones. They don’t have to be expensive, go to Wal-Mart or Target. Then make sure you don’t wash them in super-hot water and either hang them up to dry or dry them on low heat.

#3 – Length of pants.

Folks I’m a short girl. I’m 5’2”. A ‘Regular’ length is too long for me. I either buy ‘Short’ lengths or I take my pants to get hemmed. Almost nothing will make you look sloppier than pants that are too long.

My Suggestion: Buy the correct length or hem pants to the correct length for your legs.

Two Lessons:

  • Just because a style is sold in stores doesn’t mean you should buy it.
  • Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean you should wear it.

Generally speaking, if you are squeezed into clothing with body parts squishing out, you aren’t dressing in such a way that makes your body look its best. It even looks uncomfortable, not to mention unattractive. To my point in Part 1; wear clothes that fit your body.

For the people reading this that know me personally, know that I’m no fashionista! BUT, regardless of my size I do buy and wear clothes that fit my body well. Garments that make my body at that time look the best it can. Mostly I wear them so that I’m comfortable and can move around without my parts popping out.