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At first glance, wearing Spanx seems relatively benign, but it’s not.  Spanx are to the 21st century what corsets were to the 16th, 17th, 18th centuries. Notice how long that is?? I tend to add braziers and waist-trainers (which is a whole other rant) into this subject as well.

The point is that the idea of women needing to smooth out their lovely lady bumps by wearing compression gear is ridiculous! Thousands of women squeeze themselves into Spanx like sausages on a daily basis.

Confession: I worse Spanx on my wedding day. That was the first and only time I’ve put them on.

Along this line, I wrote a post called What’s the Point that I hope you read.

The women’s body image movement is hitting pretty strong these days and hitting a good stride. Here are a couple of podcasts that touch on these subjects that recently aired that I hope you take a little time to listen to.

  1. Balanced Bites Podcast #352 – Your Body is Awesome Because IT’s AWESOME
  2. Stupid Easy Paleo’s – Harder to Kill Radio – #108 Cellulite + Confidence: Fierce Love Friday