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I purposefully decided to not post pictures in this post.

In the 1600 to 1700’s the more voluptuous women were the better. The ideal look of femininity and sex was also that of status of wealth and health. Lovely lady lumps and bumps were sought after.

In the early 1900’s the ideal body for women was a dramatic hourglass shape; busty with large hips and a small waist.

By the 1920’s the ideal body for women was shapeless, straight up-and-down with no curves showing. No noticeable bust or waistline.

Curves were back in style by the 1930’s for women. To help in this endeavor the padded bra was inflicted upon us.

This changed yet again in the 1940’s to a more every-day-woman look; slender but no extreme curvature.

Yet again in the 1950’s the hourglass figure was back in style! The Pin-Up Girls were in town.

By the 1960’s American women were throwing back to the 1920’s to an almost pre-pubescent small, slender, no curve having stick-like figure….thanks Twiggy….

Thank goodness for the 1970’s when a more muscular look became the ideal, in my opinion is more attainable for most women in general. Women wanted a tan, and wore natural make-up and hair styles. This is my preference now, minus the consistent desire to be thin.

Somewhere in between these two decades, I’m pretty certain all the cocaine was helping these women out. Don’t do that!!!

In the 1980’s, Jane Fonda took this ideal to a whole new level with her crazy bendy exercise videos. Super tall, thin yet toned (aka: muscular) bodies was all the rage. Again….too bad short girls! I don’t think short girls have ever been socially popular.

In the 1990’s women were once again plagued with an unattainable super thin, hanger-like look. I can’t believe that women wanted to look like they were on heroin! They must have been on heroin to think that heroin-chic was chic.

The 2000’s brought us back to an hourglass look, combine with lean and toned.

Here is article one and two that I pulled information from for the above descriptions.

On a Personal Note

It is interesting observing women…..I just spent three days on an all ladies weekend that I do every year. Every year it is the same thing…..women talking about their weight, their exercise or lack thereof, their diet, their diet pills, how they were on a diet until this weekend and how they are going back on a diet after this weekend.

The continual sizing-up of each other and comparison of one another followed by over compensation driven by underlying insecurities. It makes me sad.

What’s the Point?

Society is fickle…..

Why do women continually jump through hoops in attempts to live-up to a body ideal that is unattainable for most of us? We can’t change our genetics. We can create a healthy body. We can create the best version of ourselves. We can do the best we can with what we were given. Why beat ourselves up? Why starve ourselves? Why workout so much that we don’t have a life?

Because fashion designers create clothes most can’t afford and even less can actually fit into? Because 2% of Hollywood’s rich and famous have managed to do both? Keep in mind that a large number of those folks also have ended up dead from drug overdoses.

As you can see from the above, history repeats itself…..you can also see that society changes its mind A LOT! Dragging us women along with it.

But guess what!? We don’t have to continually play into this cycle. We can choose to say no more of this insanity!

I encourage you to NOT follow society’s lead…..

Be authentic. Be what you are. Do the best you can with what you have. Treat your body like the temple it is. Be healthy. Be happy. Enjoy the diversity among us.

Girls Gone Strong is a fantastic resource for more on this topic.

I also recommend Jason Seib, if you need help changing your mindset.