I bought a Psychology Today magazine a while back, it is from June 2014. I bought it because I was wanting change in my career. The front cover reads “Reinvent Yourself: How to Plan Your Next Act”, how appealing is that!? It is now October and my life has undergone a tremendous amount of change. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree, gotten married, moved homes in a new area, and switched companies. This is not what I had in mind when I purchased the magazine. I was wanting and dreaming of a new career doing something that I am passionate about and can make a difference with. I am quite passionate about nutrition, health, and longevity. I want to make that my real life’s work. I have been thinking about it, but too busy making my life happen from day-to-day to actually do anything about it. I was listening to a pod cast, as I very often do, and got inspired to look into a mini-first step in the direction I want to go. I saw the magazine sitting there…….I picked up the magazine today and started to read….here are some of the nuggets of gold I picked up….

“You have to give yourself enough time to actually accomplish your goal,” he says. He being Art Markman who is a professor at the University of Texas in Austin, TX. If you don’t have long-terms goals, Markman warns, you run the risk of doing lots of little things every day – cleaning the house, sending emails, catching up on TV – without ever making a contribution to your future. That can leave you feeling restless and unfulfilled (pg. 57-58).

Markman suggests that we ask ourselves “What will I regret not having done?” and then working our way backward to avoid that end (pg.58). Makes perfect since to me. I have done this for years, just not in this context. That is why I like pictures of the food I am cooking from a recipe. We must know where we want to go in order to get there, right?!

“The experts in reinvention say we need to find concordance between what really matters to us and the goals we chase” (pg. 58).

Being realistic in our dreams and pursuits is important though. It is ok to dream big, but setting realistic goals along the way to accomplish the ultimate dream will determine if you make it there or not. Doing this tends to also steer your dreams into different directions along the way as well.

Very rarely in our lives are we handed things we actually want. Nothing beats out hard work, perseverance, persistence, and consistency! Nothing! Being realistic and with proper planning and these traits I dare say that an individual could achieve any goal…eventually.

The article goes on to suggest that we should seek out those who already have achieved what we want and learn as much as we can from them (pg. 60). Learn from their mistakes. Also, I think it important to learn from our own as well…and not to look at set-backs as “failure” or to look at our failures as nothing more than learning experiences that get us one step closer to our goal. Focus is also key. Do not lose sight of the end objective, the light at the end of the tunnel, the reward when you get there…wherever there might be. Remember to celebrate each achievement, milestone, and short-term goals along the way; they are not insignificant because the big goal has not been achieved yet.

The one thing that I do know for sure, is that if you do not start taking steps in the direction you want to go you will never get there.

I know what my first steps are going to be to take me one step closer to the career I want. What steps will you take towards the future you desire?