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I think there is a direct link between what we put on our bodies and how those clothes make us feel. We present ourselves to the world each day and the clothes we do that in says something about us to ourselves and to others.

I am by no means a fashionista. I have even been told that I dress too plainly. I do like clothes and shoes. I like that the clothing I put on can express who I am and how I am feeling each day. I do not typically think of this when I am getting dressed each day, but it is true just the same.

Perhaps is it good to think….”what does this outfit say about me?” when getting dressed. Sometimes it is best to dress how you want to feel instead of how you do feel. Have you ever heard the expression – “dress for the job you want”? Well…it is sorta like that….sometimes when you get dressed in a certain way, even when you ‘arn’t feelin it’ it can change your mood and attitude.

My Fashion Tips:

#1 – Always wear clothes that fit your body. If they are too tight get something bigger so you do not look like an uncomfortable stuffed sausage. If they are too big buy smaller size or get them tailored to fit you.

#2 – Use a tailor! The average tailor is not expensive. Ill fitting clothes look weird on and seems people are always pulling on them somewhere. You can buy a cheap item have it tailored to ft your body and it will look expensive because it fits so well.

#3 – Feel good in your clothes.  – Dress to feel good. To present the best of yourself. Even if you are not comfortable at the weight you are at, you can dress well, feel better, and look good.