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The body is an incredible creation. Its ability to grow and regenerate is remarkable. I believe that given the correct inputs the body will heal itself. The body is designed to live, it wants to live, and there are feedback loops / built-in mechanisms for the body to use to increase longevity.

A few feedback loops that exist in the body that we consider body dysfunction is actually the body’s way of keep itself alive, for example: insulin resistance, diabetes, reverse T3, hypothyroidism.

I have randomly and repeatedly heard people taking about various examples of changes they made to their diet and lifestyle that allowed their body to heal itself of some pretty serious diseases and dysfunctions.

If you suffer from a dysfunction or disease in your body, my very first suggestion is a food and lifestyle overhaul. 1) Remove the things that are offensive to the body 2) Replace the removed things with new things that promote healing in the body 3) Give your body time, consistency, and grace.

1. Remove

We live in a very toxic world. Think about what you put on your skin. What you breathe in your lungs. What you put into your mouth.

Swap out conventional for the least processed forms you can find and afford.

2. Replace

Super filtered clean water for the inside and the outside of your body.

Few Ingredient Safe Skin Care

Air Filters & Plants

Clean High-Quality Real Whole Food

  • There are lots of resources on my page. Here is a general one.
  • Here is also a post I did talking about growing your own Fresh Produce.

Clean High-Quality Supplements

I’m an affiliate for the three brands listed below, because I believe in them.

  1. Nutreince
  2. Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy
  3. Vital Proteins

Other Brands I like: Designs for Health, Biotics, Equip Foods, Paleo Valley, Pure Encapsulations, Thorne

3. Time, Consistency & Grace

Each organ in your body has cell turnover and regeneration; given the correct nutrients and enough time you can build a new healthy body! Not all cells turn over at the same rate so parts of your body will be younger than others….soooo not a completely new body all at once.

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If you find yourself with a body dysfunction or disease take away the toxins, give your body the things it needs to heal, and give yourself some time (and lot of sleep).  Your body can and will heal.

This day in age we’ve gotten accustomed to instant gratification; this is not how healing works. There is no quick way to do this. It take time and consistency. If you want to be healthy and live a long time you have to change your thinking around what it takes….it takes time and consistency…..day-in-day-out for the length of your life. There is no end point. There is no “when I get there” to arrive at.

Give yourself grace every day on your life journey and health journey, because beating yourself up for something as insignificant as eating a cookie doesn’t do you any good.

I think the most difficult thing that took me forever to accept is that my body has changed and will continue to change as I age. The needs my body has over the span of my life has and will change. This is why no one way of eating or exercising will be the end-all-be-all for the entirety of your life, it will change just as your body changes and the needs of your body changes.

Embrace the change! It occurs weather you embrace it or not.